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Simply Pray

People always say pray hard, pray like you have never prayed before.  Why not simply pray?  Sometimes one is not able to do anything but simply pray in the face of what is going on in their lives, especially in those heartbroken moments.  Even that can be a struggle.  Prayer is special, different for each person, that conversation with God.  Why not simply pray?

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Not Alone

My aunt sent me this song and as usual, I wanted to share it with everyone who finds my blog.  As some may have noticed, I have not been posting a whole lot lately.  We have been busy and a lot of different things have been going on in life.  I will return to a steady posting once again, this I promise!  For the time being, please enjoy this song.

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He Knows What He Is Doing

I thought this would be a good reminder to anyone who comes across this photo!


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