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Lenten Wilderness

“The wilderness will lead you to your heart where I will speak.”

Hello wilderness, here I come, ever more deep into you and away from the world. Teach me in the silence and in the depths of my being, undistracted by the world we live in. Help me to separate from that which I must separate in this time of more intense prayer. Guide me to the way of holiness that I strive for in each sacrifice made, both now and forever more.

I pray that Lent may be fruitful for you and bring you closer to the one who loves you most and holds you close. He will be with you as you travel with Him, striving for holiness.


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Mary Mazzarello Thought of the Day


Let us do good as long as we can.  Never get discouraged with any difficulties you meet.  Always say: Just must be all my strength.  And with Jesus, burdens become light, fatigue softens, and thorns turn into sweetness.  But you must overcome yourselves, or else everything become insufferable.

Mary, strong and gentle, pray for us.

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God’s Will

What could possibly be more important than doing what God will’s for you, even if it is the hardest thing you could ever do?

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