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Live the Dream

Here is a video that I think all of you should see!  It puts such hope and yearning in one’s soul, among other things as well!

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One Thing Remains

I heard this song for what I think was the first time this past Saturday.  It struck something very deep in me and I have finally decided to share it.  It is called “One Thing Remains,” by Jeremy Riddle.

“Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.”  How beautiful is that!?  It never ceases to amaze me when somethign stricks me like this.  Who else could put that passion and love in me other than God?  Sigh…things like this are wonderful reminders of the purpose of my life and who I am to turn to at all times.

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“Before God, it seems to me that the Institute needs: Sisters who are imbued with the spirit of self-denial and sacrifice which fills them with the desire to work and suffer for Jesus Christ and for the good of their neighbor; Sisters who are firmly convinced that exact obedience, without any criticism or complaint, is the path they must courageously tread in order to attain perfection and holiness; Sisters who are able to master their own affections and keep their hearts fixed on God alone in order to be able to say together with Saint Francis of Sales: ‘If I were to know that one fibre of my heart was not for God, I would tear it out’; Sisters who neither regret having left the world, nor long for the possessions and conveniences they have renounced; Sisters who deem it a privilege to live in a condition of poverty and privation in imitation of their divine spouse Jesus who, being rich became poor in order to enrich men with His grace and to make them heirs of Heaven; Sisters who have no other ambition on earth than to follow Jesus Christ who was humiliated, crowned with thorns, and nailed to the cross so that they may, thus, praise Him surrounded by the angels and saints in the glory of heaven.

We have need of Sisters who have a strong physical constitution, a good character, and a reasonably cheerful disposition, who desire above all else to become saints, not by doing anything extraordinary but only what is normal, thus becoming an inspiration to their fellow-men, especially the young, attracting them to the practice of the Christian virtues; finally Sisters who are, or at least can become effective instruments for promoting the glory of God in the fulfillment of those responsibilities, and the accomplishment of those activities which are proper to the Institute.”

It really makes me think to read this!  Am I ready and willing to be all that in my life?  I certainly hope so!   I smile in reading this, even though I see the challenges and hardships that can come with it.  To counter that, there is so much joy!

The Sisters Don Bosco Wanted

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Jesus and Religion

 In case you have not heard, there was a particular video that made its surface not long ago and got millions of hits in just one day.  It is talking about how Jesus is great, but religion is not.  The creator of the video calls it “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus || Spoken Word.”  There has been much discussion and many conversations on this.  Some of our Salesian Novices created a video in response to this, almost immediately after they heard and saw.  They called it, “Why I Love Religion, and Love Jesus || Spoken Word (Response Video).”  I would strongly recommend that you watch the response video.  It is extremely well done and addresses the topics of the original one that was put out.  If you have not seen what all the fuss is about, watch the first one as well to gain some background.  I advocate what the second one is about, the one done by the Salesians, just so everyone knows.  Let me know what you think.

Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus || Spoken Word

Why I Love Religion, and Love Jesus || Spoken Word (Response Video)

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Finding Solitude

Upon signing into my facebook account, I saw this as the status from one of the sisters in the east who works in the provincial house.  It struck me profoundly and connected with other things in my life recently that have been topics to think about.  I hope you find something interesting and thought-provoking here.

All human beings are alone. No other person will completely feel like we do, think like we do, act like we do. Each of us is unique, and our aloneness is the other side of our uniqueness. The question is whether we let our aloneness become loneliness or whether we allow it to lead us into solitude. Loneliness is painful; solitude is peaceful. Loneliness makes us cling to others in desperation; solitude allows us to respect others in their uniqueness and create community.

Letting our aloneness grow into solitude and not into loneliness is a lifelong struggle. It requires conscious choices about whom to be with, what to study, how to pray, and when to ask for counsel. But wise choices will help us to find the solitude where our hearts can grow in love.

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Today is the Commemoration of the Feast of Mary Mazzarello.  On this day, as with others of our Salesian Saints no other days, we put out a relic of that saint.  As well, there are cards with virtues, sayings, and such that relate to the saint.  This is what was on my card that I went to get.

Self Control

If we struggle against our defects with good will, they will help us advance on the way to perfection, as long as we are humble.

Virgin most Prudent, assist us this day.

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As time has gone on, I have taken more time with my writings before posting them.  A lot of myself goes into everything I write, at least in terms of poems and reflections and such.  With that being as it is, I have told myself I need to sit with each things I write for a while and pray with it, especially so before I post it for all to see.  That being said, I am now sharing a poem I wrote while meditating before going to the midnight Christmas mass (at 11pm…perhaps the closest I have gotten, but hey, consecration was at midnight).  It is entitled “Hope” and as I said, it is written by yours truly.  I find it more as a prayer than a reflection, or perhaps it is both, and maybe even more.  Thank you for your honest reading and sharing in my journey. 


My hope is in you my God

Whose guiding strong hand

Whose living walking presence

Whose flowing steady breath

Leads me where I must go

My hope is in you my God

For you have stayed with me

You have reached me many times

In many ways, all three forms

My God you hold me close

Your embrace is tight, warm

It catches me when I fall

My tears are precious to you

The movement I make is yours

My hope is in you my God

Where else is there to turn

God, you do great things for me

My thanks goes on forever

I must always reach for you

My hope is in you my God

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