Giving of Yourself

03 Sep

Today while reading a blog (click here for blog) that I have subscribed to, I came across this.  It was a very powerful story that I feel many people could benefit from hearing.

Ray Bradbury wrote a short story about a couple on vacation in Ireland.  The husband would go for walks down the streets in the town and would pass by many beggars.  He would always feel guilty and give whatever he had in his pockets as he passed by.  His wife on the other hand would give nothing.  She had learned to keep her emotions in control and her money in her purse.  She learned which ones were truly poor and which ones were just con artists.  The husband over thought everything.  He gradually got paranoid thinking they were all just con artists.  One day he met a man on the bridge who sang and played beautifully.  He stood in the rain and snow without even a hat on his head.  The husband was so uncertain, was this a poor person or a con artist.  So he took his wife with him to see the beggar on the bridge.  They listened and watched him.  Then they went home.  The next day the husband decided to go back to the bridge and take the man a hat.  When he got there the man was gone.  Finally it came time for them to return home and the owner of their hotel stopped by their room.  They were discussing the beggars in town and the man on the bridge came up.  The owner informed them that the man had apparently thrown his instrument in to the river and jumped after it.  Apparently he couldn’t take the rain, cold and lack of money anymore.

It makes you think twice about somethings, doesn’t it?  In the end, we are going to be judged based on the good we do.  If someone cons us and we give to them, we are not going to be judged on that but them.  You can make a difference by giving.

We don’t just have to think about this in the sense of the story.  How about this.  Has there ever been a moment that you could have reached out to someone you know or has been in need in a way other than physical needs?  Just think how each thing can make a difference.

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