God’s Presence of Love

02 Sep

Twice today I felt God’s presence surrounding me.  They were both in the simple things that came along, but even so they were blessings to my day.

I got to meet with my formator today.  It was u pon my request based on two different things I wanted to bring to the table in terms of topics brought up to our group in formation.  We talked for at least an hour if I am not mistaken.  I was nervous, as I seem to always be whenever I talk one on one with people.  With that, as we were finishing prayers and heading to the dinner table, I felt a relief at having been able to have conversation with her.  God knows what He is doing, I just hope others in my life helping to guide me and I are tuning in to what He wants done and said in my life. 

The second is even more simple.  We had recreation tonight with sisters, postulant, and postulants-to-be.  There were two teams and we were playing pictionary.  I found myself sitting on the floor leaning against the couch with the two people I trust the most out here in the west on either side of me.  It felt safe.  I felt protected and watched over.  Love seemed to pour into me as I sat there.  Nothing was said.  We were in the presence of the entire group, yet in all of that I found comfort sitting between them. 

Praise God for the people He puts in my life!

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