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Stringimi Signor

Durante italiano lo scorso anno, abbiamo ascoltato questa canzone.  Voglio condividere con voi.  Spero vi piaccia.  Forse un giorno io possa suonare la chitarra e cantano a memoria!

(Aiuto fornito da Google.)

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On the Beach

This evening we all went to the beach, from age 19 to 93.  We said prayers, ate, a couple swam, walked, talked, played, prayed again before leaving.  It was a blast.  While there I was inspired to write two little quick things; you don’t have to think much of them really.


Wind full of life, from where do you blow?

So full of wisdom, the things you must know.


I close my eyes and you carry me

A wind of wisdom to fill my soul

You crash the waves on the shore

And share in my inner most being

I long to drop and abandon the weights

Riding in you for all blessed eternity


I was somewhat reminded of Cape May Point while on the beach, though I think I like the east a little better.  Closing my eyes, I was able to imagine myself back on the other side of the country in all the different times I was at the beach.  It was wonderful.

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Changes in Living

This morning we had our first little meeting with our animator/formator.  From what I can see, this year we are buckling down a bit more than last year.  I am excited, and it will be real good. 

As with last year, talking is not allowed in the morning until after mass.  Granted since we go to the parish for mass, there may be a moment where it is more rude to not say anything.

In the evening it is quiet in the house at nine, vacate the study and go to our rooms to ready for bed at nine-thirty, and lights out at ten.  It is a bit different from last year.  I want to inquire to whether this pertains to the weekend or not, especially Saturday night when Sunday morning is a later morning. 

Phone usage is weekends only unless there is a specific reason to be calling someone during the weekday.

As far as I know, internet usage is whenever an appropriate time is found.

I am excited for the year and cannot wait until we get our schedules for the semester/year!

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My Future

As I was blog hopping, I finally found a video that people have been talking about.  You know how even when you are in a place you should be in, it can be easy to lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing?  Watching this video put a huge smile on my face and a few tears down my cheeks.  Please take the time to watch this!


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Laughs and Laughs and Laughs

Dear readers, this is a video my dear companion showed me after having sang the song herself to distract the practicing of my first inspired song over and over and over again.  Needless to say, we have been singing it randomly since the beginning of the summer as well as other things that came of too much time in a week together.  Why does it come up now, she e-mailed it to me and said this was her recreation.

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Holy Spirit Moving Within

Today while at a workshop for the teachers, sisters, and is in formation; I was inspired with two poems.  Here they are, I hope you like them.


Spirit Blowing

Spirit blowing through my soul

In Christ please make me whole

As life to nature you do give

You moving in me how I live

Humble me spirit to my knees

Send to heaven my broken pleas

Never cease to blow throughout me

Giving from God who I am to be

Oh Spirit you catch me from falling

Yet allow me to crumble crying

From the Father and Son you come

Blowing through me in a simple hum

Spirit blowing through my soul

With you in me I am made full


Guide me Spirit

Another year does begin,

Will I know what is right?

Spirit will you be here,

To help me in the fight?

The struggles still come,

And challenges are more tough.

I need your varying breezes,

Smoothing this diamond in the rough.

When I lose track of who I am,

And wander from God far astray,

Spirit send your guiding wind,

To send me where I must stay.

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I have arrived here safely in California!  It is good to be here and in the house.  I am finding already that I like the feel of a house over being really attached to the school.  The first night was good, I slept well indeed.  There is a lot to think about and process.  Today I got to water the flowers and got all wet and squished tomatoes in my apron pocket.  We met the faculty of the school.  We have receives keys.  I am in the process of taking pictures of everything.  I talked to the music teacher and hopefully I am able to work with her some.

Yes, this was randomly said, but it works for the time being.  Please continue to pray for me and others! 

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