Moving Jesus

27 Aug

When the sisters brought over Jesus back to the formation house once they arrived, they brought the wrong one.  Of course, we did not know that until tonight when we went to go do adoration and had to be a little creative in how we stood Him up to be seen.  It was good; my theory is He wanted to be closer to us because we are friends (He ended up sitting closer based on where He should have been to where He ended up).  To fix the problem of which house was to have which Jesus, a companion of mine from the west and I moved Jesus around.

I carried the candle and took the lead.  It was like guiding a friend through the darkness back home to where they belong.  Going out of the formation house, there was various forms of acknowledgement that Jesus was passing by.  When we got in the convent and made it to walking through the living room (chapel on other end of house than the back door we come in from our house), only a couple of the some sisters realized what we were doing.  You could hear one asking and another say that we were switching Jesus.  The other that knew stayed in the chapel during the switch.  On the way back out, now carrying the other Jesus.  As we walked back out the house, moving through the living room, the sisters turned the television down and said “goodnight Jesus!” 

There was something about those little moments that hit me as we were moving and switching Jesus.  The reference was good, but it was more than that.  It felt more relaxed.  I am definitely in agreement that we should show the greatest respect for Jesus, but we can be ourselves, be His friend, as well.

That being said, I led adoration tonight and had the theme of friendship.  I thought, even though it could have been better put together, that it was appropriate for the group at the beginning of this year for our first adoration together.   

Viva Gesu, Viva Maria!

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