On the Beach

23 Aug

This evening we all went to the beach, from age 19 to 93.  We said prayers, ate, a couple swam, walked, talked, played, prayed again before leaving.  It was a blast.  While there I was inspired to write two little quick things; you don’t have to think much of them really.


Wind full of life, from where do you blow?

So full of wisdom, the things you must know.


I close my eyes and you carry me

A wind of wisdom to fill my soul

You crash the waves on the shore

And share in my inner most being

I long to drop and abandon the weights

Riding in you for all blessed eternity


I was somewhat reminded of Cape May Point while on the beach, though I think I like the east a little better.  Closing my eyes, I was able to imagine myself back on the other side of the country in all the different times I was at the beach.  It was wonderful.

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Posted by on August 23, 2011 in Creative Corner, Inner Reflection


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