Changes in Living

22 Aug

This morning we had our first little meeting with our animator/formator.  From what I can see, this year we are buckling down a bit more than last year.  I am excited, and it will be real good. 

As with last year, talking is not allowed in the morning until after mass.  Granted since we go to the parish for mass, there may be a moment where it is more rude to not say anything.

In the evening it is quiet in the house at nine, vacate the study and go to our rooms to ready for bed at nine-thirty, and lights out at ten.  It is a bit different from last year.  I want to inquire to whether this pertains to the weekend or not, especially Saturday night when Sunday morning is a later morning. 

Phone usage is weekends only unless there is a specific reason to be calling someone during the weekday.

As far as I know, internet usage is whenever an appropriate time is found.

I am excited for the year and cannot wait until we get our schedules for the semester/year!

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