Hard Work and Simple Love

12 Aug

Today was an adventure indeed.  A school that the sisters were at was closed in Paterson, some 5-10 minutes from where we live.  The convent was beautiful and the school was small but cozy.  Our task was to empty it of the things that a coulpe of the sisters said we wanted for here at Mary Help or back in Illinois or somewhere else.  It was a long day of work.

The thing that struck me today though, was not in all the moving of things or all the hands that helped or anything to do with the school and convent.  When we finished, the vicar of our community suggested showers or asked if anyone were to go swimming.  Everyone went for the shower idea and staying at the house.  I was the lone one who wanted to go up the hill to swim.  The rule is not to go alone.  She offered a couple times before I took her up on the offer.  She ended up driving us up in the golf cart to the pool where I swam and she did a good amount of spiritual reading.  It was such a blessing because all I wanted to do is blow some steam off and release some energy (yes, after working a full day).  She can me permission to be late for prayers, as long as I would say the rosary on my own and be there when spiritual reading starts.  So after swimming I showered and headed to prayer.

It was just something as simple as that today that make a big impression on me.  The simple things sometimes are the ones that can change the course of a life, if even only a little bit.

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One response to “Hard Work and Simple Love

  1. abichica

    August 12, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    great post.. i enjoyed reading it.. 🙂


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