Hold Me Close

28 Jul

Tuesday night I had wanted to go swimming, but I guess that God had another plan for me.  He sent lightning and thunder to put an end to that idea.  Instead, I went to the chapel with my guitar for just under an hour and a half (though I did not realize that I was in there that long).  In the end of it, I wrote a second song.  I guess one could say I have a collection now.  Here are the words; I am still practicing the melody and chords (as well as the first one I wrote).  Please enjoy and reflect on them, just don’t take them away from me.


Many times I run from you, but in the end I run back

Peace is what I long for, in your arms I know it’s there

Hold me close to you, in your loving embrace


And it’s you whose calling me, to follow you

And it’s me who has to answer you, saying I’ll come


The road is not easy, many challenges I will face

Others may come along, to try and lead me astray

I will hold fast to you, listening for your voice


Cause it’s you whose calling me, to follow you

And it’s me who is answering me you, here I come


No matter what’s in front of me, I will turn to you

You have brought me this far, so why would I leave

I give you my whole life, to love and protect


For you have called me, to follow you

And I have answered you, here I am

Here I am, here I am

Hold me close, hold me close

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