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Beautiful Thought

It is not often I look in the mirror.  Only when doing something involving the need for one do I look.  Today while washing my hands, I glanced in the mirror.  Something different came to my mind.

For a brief moment during a glance in the mirror, I saw something beautiful.


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Hold Me Close

Tuesday night I had wanted to go swimming, but I guess that God had another plan for me.  He sent lightning and thunder to put an end to that idea.  Instead, I went to the chapel with my guitar for just under an hour and a half (though I did not realize that I was in there that long).  In the end of it, I wrote a second song.  I guess one could say I have a collection now.  Here are the words; I am still practicing the melody and chords (as well as the first one I wrote).  Please enjoy and reflect on them, just don’t take them away from me.


Many times I run from you, but in the end I run back

Peace is what I long for, in your arms I know it’s there

Hold me close to you, in your loving embrace


And it’s you whose calling me, to follow you

And it’s me who has to answer you, saying I’ll come


The road is not easy, many challenges I will face

Others may come along, to try and lead me astray

I will hold fast to you, listening for your voice


Cause it’s you whose calling me, to follow you

And it’s me who is answering me you, here I come


No matter what’s in front of me, I will turn to you

You have brought me this far, so why would I leave

I give you my whole life, to love and protect


For you have called me, to follow you

And I have answered you, here I am

Here I am, here I am

Hold me close, hold me close

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Permission to Pray

As my companion was cleaning up the final things after her sessions in the chapel for confession for good news for camp, three girls who are taking summer classes came in.  The asked…

Can we, like, pray?

The answer was a simple yes.  They then, in the back, knelt down and prayed.

For some reason it took me a little by surprise.  These were not troublemakers, but nor did they seem to be the ones to just walk in a pray.  It made me smile that they would take some of the spare time they had and come into the chapel.  Maybe there is more hope in the youth of today than people tend to give them credit for.  This is why I work for youth.

Permission to pray, do we really need to ask for it?  Perhaps it is the fear of what others will think or maybe something else.  Everything we do should be prayer, so then do we need to ask for permission to move, to breath, to do anything at all, or even to just stay still doing nothing? 

Of course we can pray, just make everything a prayer in the heart.  Of course we can pray, God is waiting to hear from you.

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Hanging In

As the director of the retreat center that I was a volunteer intern at tends to say sometimes…

Hang in there kid!

I am not sure he knows that what he says is something I am grasping onto as I learn more and more to lean on Jesus in EVERYTHING of my life.

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Jesus Got Through to Me

I had spiritual direction yesterday.  The sister I meet with led me in guided meditation.  She asked me if it was okay for her to lead me deeper into something, I said yes.  I came out with this thought from Jesus.  The rest of it is mine to reflect on.  Those who know they can ask about, will.  Those who know I will tell them, it is coming.  Here though, this is what I want to share.

I love you.  I cannot afford to lose you.  I am never going to let go.

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A Thought

A girl grabbed my medal of Mary Help of Christians today during dismissal and asked me, “Do you love Jesus more than everything in the world?”  I answered her with, “Yes, I love Him more than anything,” following up with, “but I love kids just as much and He is okay with that.”

How beautiful is that?

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Question and Answer

What is going on in me?

How much must I give?

Who do I trust?

Where am I to go?

When will it be easy?

Why me?


You are being formed and transformed.

You must give every single bit of yourself.

Trust those who are given to you to trust, you’ll know.

You go where the Spirit leads you.

Easy does not come, the road is rough yet rewarding.

This is what’s been given to you and you are called.

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Courageous Casting Crowns

As most people know, I am a HUGE (might be an understatement) fan of Casting Crowns.  I got in my e-mail the information for the pre-order today and I just have to decide who I am doing it through.  The album comes out on October 18th.  One of the songs for the album is the title track for a movie that comes out September 30th, “Courageous” (title of song and of movie).  Here is a sneak peek!

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“You’re My Little Girl”

A companion of mine had me listen to this song and now I love it.  It is called “You’re My Little Girl,” by Go Fish.


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Novena Time!

Tomorrow starts a memorial novena to Mary Help of Christians.  It is a memorial one because the big novena is in May.  You say the novena from the 15th to the 23rd.  It involves three Our Fathers, three Hail Mary’s, three Glory Be’s, and a Mary most powerful virgin.  The last prayer is the only one that Don Bosco left for the Salesians that he wrote.

This time around, I will say this prayer for my vocation and the vocation of a close friend of mine.  Each day I plan on lifting up any intentions I am inspired to lift up in this novena.  Why don’t you give it a try? 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

O Mary, most powerful Virgin,
great and illustrious defender of the Church,
wonderful Help of Christians,
formidable as an army in battle array,
you, who alone have over come
every heresy in the world,
in our anguish,
in our combats,
in our difficulties,
defend us from the enemy,
and, in the hour of our death,
receive our souls into Paradise.  Amen.

(only if in presence of Jesus) Blessed and praised, be the most holy and divine Sacrament

Mary Help of Christians, pray for us.

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