I Want to Fall in Love with You

25 Jun

In searching around my facebook page, I came across this video that someone I know put together for his youth group.  I really liked it, so I decided to share it with you.

So, before you listen to it again I have a question.  What part of the Preventive System was mentioned specifically (in words that you could read) in this video?  Take a guess.  If you are not positive, watch it again then see if you can find it.  When you respond in this post, be honest and don’t scroll down to see what others put.  I want to know if you found it or not!  If you were wrong, write that, but then write what it is when you find it!

Now, the words.  I was so drawn to one phrase in this.  “I want to fall in love with You.”  How beautiful and how wonderful!  That is exactly what I want to do here with the Salesians.  I want to fall in love with God in all forms, most especially with Jesus my brother who was sent to save us.  Hearing this song and reading through the lyrics is a good reminder of that passion that is in me to be here pursuing what I hear God calling me to do with my life.  It is so beautiful!

Dear God all around, I want to fall in love with You.  Be with me in all I do, in all I say, in all I think, in all I feel, in all that I am.  Guide me in your pathways and help me to fall even more in love with You.  Amen.

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Posted by on June 25, 2011 in Inner Reflection, Inspirational Music


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