Camp Auxilium’s 50th Anniversary!

24 Jun

Today I got to spend time at Camp Auxilium.  Granted it was to set up for their 50th anniversary tomorrow, but it was still there.  Sr. Mary asked me this morning if I would come with them to help set up and instantly I said yes.  The two other of my companions who were back were both out or going out, so it was just me joining Sr. Mary and her staff.  What a blessing it was indeed!  Her niece and niece’s daughter were there too, she is so adorable. 

Working with the sisters and the development staff was wonderful.  I am pretty sure that most of the time there, I had a smile on my face.  I did catch myself in a few tears as I talked about Camp Greenwood with a couple of people.  Nothing with compare to that camp, yet many new adventures are surely coming my way.

Just the same as I had been thinking and smiling about my days at the camp I grew up with and worked at for many years, those of Camp Auxilium’s history will be gather tomorrow to celebrate and remember together the memories and the laughter.  No, I am not able to go.  It was enough to see some of the camp in action today and her some of the stories told as we set up.  As I was talking about Camp Greenwood, one of the development staff or one of the sisters said, “so you would love to be assigned here someday.”  I smiled because in my heart, I think there was a yes to that question.  Whether or not God hears me, only time will tell.  It is a beautiful place indeed.

Be sure as you go through life, no matter the choices that you make, you remember those good things in life.  Don’t hold to them with a grip that never lets you see and do greater things.  Just hold onto them because I am sure they shaped you in some way or form.  It is the same for more situations than just camp life, like life in general.  This especially when make such huge decisions in your life. 

For me, in having chosen to enter formation for the religious life, I am not forgetting my past experiences.  I am building on them and continuing my story here on earth.  It is such a beautiful thing.  This day was beautiful. 

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