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God Told Me…

Last night God wanted to prove a point to me and so He did.  I was getting frustrated with myself about something as I was getting ready for bed.  There was frustration and a few tears and such stuff of the sort.  I shook it off and continued getting ready.  Somedays I am not as strong as the others, but I keep going because most days I am strong now.  Anyways, God wanted to make a point

I got into bed and went to listen to one song on my iPod before falling asleep.  My music was on the playlist I had made for my program area to listen to while on the computers.  The song up was “Psalm 139” by Danielle Rose.  I did not feel like listened to it, so I went and put my whole song list of over 2,300 songs on shuffle.  Lone behold, “Psalm 139” by Danielle Rose appeared up and started to play.  Okay God, I got the point.

(Just a warning…when posting this video, I did not have sound to hear it.  I will test it later, but I want to post it now!  The video I did not watch either, I just want to importance of the words.)



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Soul of Dark and Light

Boom! Bang!

lost, afraid, running

which way to go, where to turn?

darkness, cold, not a single star

it is empty, completely empty

how did I get here?

someone get me out!

wait, a light over there

where did it come from?

bright, oh so very bright

it is warm too

closer, not feel so lost

what?  follow you?

you want me to give up my life?

No Way!  light, darkness

alone again, scared again

no, not doing it

who is that there, more light

happiness again, even joy

follow me it says.  why?

I gave my life, give yours

NO Way!  light, darkness

it is so cold.  chill.

lost, afraid, falling

whoosh —– light fast moving

inspiring goodness blowing

just follow and let go

let go of your life and follow

NO WAY!  gone light

all darkness, cold

oh it is so cold, lonely

crash, pain, dark

come back!  overcoming dark

swallowing me whole

Come Back!  lead me

take me with.  faded dark

light, warmth, joy

outstretched hand, whoosh —–

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Camp: Day 2 of Week 2

Right, so I am not going to do the long post like I did last time. Today was good and I got to have some more interaction withthe kids.  One group came in and there were more kids than computers.  That was certainly fun to deal with.  They had to share.  It was fine, I just hope I don’t have to do that often at all.  I am done on wordpress for the day, goodbye.

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Camp: Day 1 of Week 1

(This was meant to be posted yesterday…I found out it wasn’t so here it is now instead.  Pretend you are reading this yesterday.)

Hello World!  Today was the first day of camp at MHCA.  I must say, it had a very interesting start to the whole day.

This morning I had to get the passwords for the computer and the internet, then set everything up for my program.  My big worry came when I realized that the internet worked on none of the computers.  I called the guy back up who did the work on the computers to see if he could solve the problem.  Lone behold, God provided and I had internet.  I did not know though, how time-consuming it was to set up for all of this, double log-in on each computer and dumping the internet sites on each.  Sigh…it got done.  The sad part of it all was that I missed the morning assembly in the gym.  Tomorrow I hope to make it.

During the first activity period I was supposed to have a group, except they never showed up to the program.  What a beginning!  I just made sure everything was set up and that I was organized.  Whatever their reasons, I will leave to God and the directors.  For me, I keep moving on and making sure all goes well.

During the snack time, I talked and hung out with the other program leaders (Marianne and Rachel).  It is always good to get to know some of the other staff.  Rachel has been coming here and working here for years. 

My second activity period went well.  They were a little late coming in, but it was the oldest girls that were here.  I knew many of them because they were middle school aged.  My little “stalker” was not there though, maybe she will be coming later in the summer as she told me she would see me here.  In that group I added three websites to my list.  It was good and easy group, although slow-moving on the way out of the room

There was no one for the third activity period for me.  Marianne and just both cleaned up in our rooms a little, talked some, then headed down to help set up lunch.  Lunch was hot dogs and tater tots, they were good.  I didn’t sit with any of the kids, but I really just wanted to get the flow.  We were told if there is no room for us, then don;t add a chair, sit elsewhere or something.  I observed.

For my fourth activity spot, I did have a group in.  During that program session, I added four more sites to my list.  Now I just need to get them all onto the word document…each computer individually.  Such is the way it goes.  They were a good group.  Sarah came in giving a tour to a family who wanted to see the campus and the camp.  Their two boys may come starting next week. 

After cleaning up and closing down shop, I headed over to canteen to make sure that everything was set up for when the kids come to buy their snacks.  There was a blank space of time that there was no one coming as it was not yet time, so I just kind od chilled not sure of if there was something else I should be doing.  Canteen ran smoothly, thank goodness.  When the girls went through and then the boys, we followed up with restocking everything.

Our next task was to head up to the Rec Hall to clean that up.  It was not too bad at all.  There were some icee pop remnants chilling out in places they should not be, it was dirty with stuff prior to camp start, dust and web everywhere, and we had a vacuum that may have spit out just as much if not more that it was taking in.  It was grand!  Overall, it did not take long for us to do the job and head back down to the cafeteria for helping with dismissal.  On the way down, we were walking with a group of six-year-old girls.  I saw one help another out on the way down with something and it was so cute!

I was not exactly sure of what we’re supposed to do.  I ended up playing some games with some of the kids, talking to others, and picking up the games and toys left behind by those who had to get up to leave.  We also stood outside once it got down to just a few kids to be picked up.  I think when we come we are supposed to help listen for names and escort the kids out.  I am told it was a little more crazy than usual. 

All in all when I left and popped into the chapel halfway through the rosary, it was a good day.  I won’t hide it, it was hard for me to be in the computer program area of camp and not out with an older group of girls.  Though, there are the benefits of not being tied to a particular group.  It this setting I think I would rather do something program like.  In a resident camp setting like that of which I have done, I would rather be a cabin counselor.  In the end, it was good and I look forward to the rest of the week.

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Laughter by the Gallons

Last night Ana and I had the best of laughs singing and playing guitar.  I was trying to practice my song, which I have been doing over and over and most likely driving some people crazy.  She was doing stuff on the computer and then decided to mess with me by playing as well.  Between the crashing chords, “In the Jungle,” and all other crazy wild singing, we were laughing none stop!  I was so happy and excited about my song and I was enjoying time with a companion.  What could be better?

It is nights like those and moments like those that keep me on track with God’s plan for me.  It’s those things that I hold onto when the times are harder with everything that goes on around the house.  It is the laughter that comes by the gallons that I spread across my life of love of God.  You should try it sometime.

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Lost Without You

Last night I wrote a song, even with the music too, and I have been refining it through prayerfully playing it over and over and over and over again.  As I was practicing a song that I have been working, my own came to my mind and I started to write it down and work out the tune, chords, and strum.  I am not someone who can just sit down and write a song.  It has been just less than a year that I have been playing guitar, but I have been writing forever. 

This particular song that I wrote has become my prayer now in this past day or so.  I was hesitant at first about sharing it for fear you may get your own melody stuck in your head.  This thing is, I believe it to be a powerful prayer and song that I desire to share with everyone.  One day when I can confidently sing it in tune, I will record it and put it on here for all of you to hear.  Until that day, these are the lyrics that I have.

Lost Without You


I pray each night and day

That you will guide my way

Cause I’m so lost without you Jesus

I’m searching for your love

From heaven up above

Cause I’m so lost without you Jesus

(direct to refrain)

Jesus, Jesus

I am lost without you

Jesus, Jesus

Please never leave my side



Each day I turn to you

I don’t know what else to do

Cause I’m so lost without you Jesus

I give you my joy and fear

For you are always near

Cause I’m so lost without you Jesus

(direct to refrain)

Jesus, Jesus

I am lost without you

Jesus, Jesus

Please never leave my side



Jesus, Jesus

With you I’m never lost

Jesus, Jesus

I’ll never leave your side

Jesus, sweet Jesus

I need you here with me

(resounding end chord)

Stay tuned for when that recording may come.  Pray for my voice and my playing that I maybe confident to record this song!

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I Want to Fall in Love with You

In searching around my facebook page, I came across this video that someone I know put together for his youth group.  I really liked it, so I decided to share it with you.

So, before you listen to it again I have a question.  What part of the Preventive System was mentioned specifically (in words that you could read) in this video?  Take a guess.  If you are not positive, watch it again then see if you can find it.  When you respond in this post, be honest and don’t scroll down to see what others put.  I want to know if you found it or not!  If you were wrong, write that, but then write what it is when you find it!

Now, the words.  I was so drawn to one phrase in this.  “I want to fall in love with You.”  How beautiful and how wonderful!  That is exactly what I want to do here with the Salesians.  I want to fall in love with God in all forms, most especially with Jesus my brother who was sent to save us.  Hearing this song and reading through the lyrics is a good reminder of that passion that is in me to be here pursuing what I hear God calling me to do with my life.  It is so beautiful!

Dear God all around, I want to fall in love with You.  Be with me in all I do, in all I say, in all I think, in all I feel, in all that I am.  Guide me in your pathways and help me to fall even more in love with You.  Amen.


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