Cape May Point Part Two

27 May

The last I left you was when I was heading off to Fooch’s house for dinner and some TV.  Jen decided that she would just let me go and have some retreat time to herself.  I agreed and headed off with her car.  We had chinese food and watched “So You Think You Can Dance.”  As was usual, I left around nine to head back to Mary’s House.  It was a good evening.  When I returned, Jen and I just hung out in the room talking and eating chocolate.

This morning, I had a small conversation with the girl from the last post.  We had both went to the bathroom at similar times and found ourselves washing our hands at the same time.  She asked me what time I got up this morning.  I told her I was not sure, but I knew it was early as always.  She said that she usually sets her alarm for 6am, but always wakes up at 5am. Crazy…anyone?

We ate breakfast with the groups this morning, kind of.  We more so sat outside and brought our stuff in to be cleaned.  After breakfast we went to the beach to pray morning prayer.  It was really nice to do I must say, sitting on the blanket with our prayer books looking out at the ocean.  🙂

Following, I wanted to change into uniform before going into town for mass at 11am.  On the way back downstairs to sit outside and games, I had another moment with the girl from the group here.  She commented about how she liked my necklace (my medal).  I told here it was the medal to show I was studying to be a sister.  She said cool and smiled, and we parted our ways.  🙂

Once out on the porch, Jen and I hung out playing more games of “idiot.”  It is not a bad card game, but rather quite fun.  I have heard people call versions of it “palace.”  Anyways, that is what we did, sit and play cards until we left.  Mass was pretty good, we were the youngest as would be normal for people like us. 

After mass we thought we would go for our second visit to the Fudge Kitchen.  It was a good idea.  The lady that served us yesterday was like, “were you here yesterday, I remember you.”  We bought more candies!  From there, we went to eat at one of my favorite places.

Dry dock definitely has some good fries and the burgers are yummy.  Jen and I split a pop (aka soda) as we used to do.  It was good, besides, neither of us needed a whole one on this warm day.

When we got back, we once again went to playing cards. This time we played garbage and idiot and spit (again, not as bad as it sounds).  It was a good long time we sat there in the parlor doing so.  We decided we wanted to go visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.  As we were heading up, it was just before 3pm.  I had forgotten that we did an Easter stations when I was here.  It is something they do every year.  Therefore, we joined those who were doing it.  It was really nice.  After, we did our own little prayer.

At one point in the reflection, there were questions that led me to reflect on the words “Peace I leave you, my peace I give to you.”  I was thinking about how my time as an intern at Mary’s House really prepared me for my entering as a Salesian aspirant.  It was such a blessing, still is a blessing. 

After praying, we joined Brother Tom for a little music practice.  It was good.  I hope and pray that Jen really doesn’t mind playing with us.  He has a faster strum, so it was a little harder to follow him, but it will be a lot of fun!

After that, I changed and we headed out.  Of course, with more people around, it took a little to get ourselves out of the house.  Fooch’s family came, so they wanted to say hi and such.  Finally, we got ourselves to go for another walk.

On this beautiful walk to Sunset Beach and back, there were many things that we did/encountered.  We saw birds and crabs and drank smoothies for dinner.  There were definitely some beautiful opportunities for pictures of the ocean, not that I don’t have enough already.  On the way back I encountered a big rock…like the ones I love to climb on.  The rock won.  I used a receipt as a make-shift band-aid till it stopped bleeding, then I got one that is more appropriate.  Yes, I feel like sharing that with you.  It was a wonderful journey.

When we got back, we went up to our room, and then decided to update our blogs and stuff.  So, here I am now.  Oh yeah, and throughout the whole day we have been eating chocolate.  It is a wonderful thing, I must tell you.  Now, I leave you again until tomorrow evening!  Peace!

Oh yeah, do not forget to do this thing.  I do it every time I am at mass and sometimes at other times.  Ask Jesus to transform you.  It does not mean to change who you are, who God created you to be.  It means something beyond that.  Think about it.

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