Cape May Point Part One

26 May

So, Jen came to pick me up from the convent to take us down to the point to Mary’s House, where I spent ten months of my life.  These pictures kind of capture what some of our time has been like.

These are from last night.  There is something about the beauty of staring into the sunset on the ocean.

Before retiring to bed, we decided that we should take a rosary walk and stroll around the point.  It was very peaceful to wander the streets at night.  Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe here.  People tend not to lock things, we never have the house locked.  It is safe.  Anyways, we did the Hail Mary’s in Italian.  The rest was in english due to our lack of memory in the other prayers.  It was a good walk.

 This morning, I was questioned by one of the girls in a group at the retreat center.  She asked me if we were up at the crack of dawn this morning.  I replied with how I typically get up at 4:45 every morning.  She then proceeded to ask me if I was becoming a nun (I wore my uniform yesterday, did not today).  I said yes.  she told me she wants to be one of them!  I told her to never forget that, there are amazing people who are out there as nuns.  We then parted.

I had a dream.  It involved shooting water in the house, the boys who are staying below us, Sr. Ramona cleaning up, me jumping through a hole in the floor down to their room, and other crazy things.  It was weird.

The giggle one reminds me of Marianne, the other one I like.

These were while in a couple of the stores.  First one: That is for all the laughing we do.  I thought of Marianne there too.  Second one:  I can think of a few people for that one.  Third one:  That is just very true.

This was our special project.  Jen and I got some postcards and a piece of driftwood to send off.  I wonder who will enjoy that loving treat in their mailbox?

In general, it has been really good to just hang out and talk and be ourselves.  This place is really another home for me and it has been wonderful to be here, as well as to share it with a good friend of mine.  Tonight we head over to the director’s house for dinner and TV.  It is a thing I miss last year.  Thursday’s were invite the intern over day.  I am glad we were welcomed over.  🙂  More later!

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One response to “Cape May Point Part One

  1. vitaconsecrata

    May 27, 2011 at 8:06 am

    i love postcards!!
    and i love love love looking into the sunset over the ocean. it’s so peaceful and serene and full of beauty!


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