Three Years

23 May

May 2008.  It was a very important month.  That was when we started to sponsor a child through World Vision.  Her name is Priyanka and she lives in India.  I was only a Junior in college.  My friend Jocelyn, who co-sponsored with me, was a freshman.  We had decided that this was the right thing to do at the time.  Making a difference in this girls heart was my goal.  We sent some letters and a few packages.  Sure, we were not the best of sponsors that one could have, but rest assured she had more prayers than any of those kids could ever of had.  We love her very much.

A few years later now, Jocelyn and I are in different places in our lives.  Jocelyn has graduated from college this year and trying to figure out the next step in her life.  finances are always interesting when one is in transition.  As for me, having entered religious life, I won’t ever get an income to afford.  Sure, I have my own money the first two years of formation, then before the last two years of the formation program I have to give that up.  I do have another year, but even so, it will prove difficult. 

Talking with Jocelyn, we decided it is best that we discontinue the sponsorship.  I e-mailed World Vision asking how to go about this.  They replied asking what I wanted to do for sure and the reasons why.  Upon replying, only a day later I get another response.  They already cancelled my account and ceased the sponsorship.  When I went to read that, I started crying.  I did not expect that type of reaction. 

What is it about this that makes me feel that emotion?  I never met the girl, we never communicated that often, and it was only three years, right?  There was something special in the prayers and the love that was shared. It gave me such joy to know that I could, at least for a while, make that difference in someone’s life.  So yes, the tears did come.  How long until someone sponsors her again?  Will she understand?  Can I write to her still?  Will we be the ones that she knows as those who abandoned her in their love?  All these I have to entrust to God.  I can e-mail them and ask if I can still write letters here or there.  If someone else is sponsoring her, I am sure that it is not possible.  God protect her please.

All the same, I have to remember those youth that I serve here with the Salesians.  They are just as important to me.  You never know, maybe someone I come in contact with will be able to sponsor a child.  I may even get them to be able to sponsor Priyanka.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Transform me. 

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