TidBits of an Update

09 May

Once again, it has been longer than the usual length since my last post.  I am not sure I could ever fully explain all the reflection that runs through my head!  Many times I have found myself staring at the blank new post screen knowing there is so much I could share but no words appearing on the screen.  My mind has been wandering everywhere it could possibly go.  So here, I may do some brief little tidbits, leaving the hope for more to come.

Misunderstood and made too complicated.  Two things that pass through my mind, and recently in a particular situation.  A lot of times I feel that others misunderstand the reason behind the way that I may appear, or even assume they know what is going on within.  The one particular situation lies with that of one of my friendships.  It is hard to be in touch and keep updated when the feeling of overly watching eyes are somewhere.  Here is the funny part, in different things said to me, it has been made clear contact with my friend is perfectly fine and nothing to have to be cautious about.  Imagine that?  Too complicated it has become? Yes.  Simple as that.

Sisters and those in formation meeting with Mother Mazzarello must have been like me meeting with Sr. Phyllis.  The inspiration that I got from that meeting, along with the encouraging words, was more than enough to reassure me of just about everything.  I left smiling, of course the small tears in the heart of healing, but I was most assuredly smiling!

I have actually hit another blank.  Somewhere in various books that I am reading, there are quotes and very interesting things that I would love to share.  I just have to find them and then reflect on them.  Thus, I hope tonight with pop out another reflection…but we shall see.

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