The Resurrection

06 May

In class today, there was a reflective moment at the end.  It started with a song.

Afterward we were presented with a collage of pictures popping up one by one.  I had to take a picture of the projection, so bear with me on the quality.

Then we were posed these two questions for reflection. 

What photo stands out to you the most?  What about it makes it stand out?  Why does it stand out?

If Jesus were to appear to you today, what would that meeting be like?

Being that I am someone who can not always pick out one thing that stands out for me, I went with a more general approach. Also, if you know my way of reflecting, you know I love to write poetry.  Here is what came of my reflection.

Image after image before my eyes appear,

But not one in my heart lands so clear.

He who has died and risen from the dead,

I sit with at table, He reclines at the head.

We walk together this complicated journey,

Many different ways does He accompany me.

In sickness and poor, sorrow and strife;

Just as much, He comes in the best of life.

But then, do I always see Him there;

Arms open wide, ready to embrace in care?

How much, how little, do I trust in Him,

Each part of me, even the smallest limb?

Say He were to come my very way,

I wonder, to spend time with me that day.

Who really knows how it would go,

but who He is, would I be able to know?

Truly I tell you, He is always around;

He is really wanting in this to be found.

No one picture stand out, touches the heart,

But shows itself a collage, deep in my heart.


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  1. vitaconsecrata

    May 6, 2011 at 4:01 pm



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