Deep Feeling in my Heart

09 Apr

As I sit here trying to figure out what is most in my heart at this moment, I am filled with an abundance of things of all extremes and am not sure where to begin.  In general, these past some months since entering into formation with the Salesians on August 24th have been filled with ups and downs of all sorts.  There have been so many tears cried as well as innumerable joys to follow.  Of course there have been some frustrations and hurts, just because one is aiming to be a sister does not mean that will disappear.  Just the same, since I feel God is calling me here, there are a great many joys to be celebrated as well.  That being said, I am overwhelmed with a great many things in my heart. 

I love the people of this house, but we are very different and it has been a learning experience in trying to live with them all.  People come and go from our lives as well.  This being spiritually, physically, mentally, any form.  This has happen to me throughout the year, in all these forms.  I am a person accustomed to change, so the adjustments were made in my life, and are still being made this day.  With these things though, I feel there are some things I could never explain to people about how I am and who I am.

I am not sure where I am going with this post but to reflect once again on how deeply I feel things and the gift that it is from God if used correctly.  Not many understand it, so for me it is hard when I need to talk.  I try to let all of my creative juices here.  I think I shall leave things at this, with the anticipation of the reflections that I have in my head to be posted soon.

Peace to you all, thanks for listening.

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