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Holy Thursday and Good Friday – Majorly Abridged

These two days of holiness have been a mix of many things.  There is much that I wish to sahre with you, but I must wait.  Here is the brief thus far.

Holy Thursday

A half day of school ended with a prayer service.  There was reflection, adoration, skits, and a dance (which I was a part of)

Cleaning and decorating of chapels

Mass down the hill

Church Hopping

In my room a little after midnight

Good Friday

9am prayers

Silent retreat all day

Service down the hill


Finally talking at dinner!

Tenebrae in a parish

More to come eventually!


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God is Enough

Recently, I have received some wisdom from a good friend of mine.  She is one smart person full of wisdom and love.  I hope she does not mind that I am sharing it as it really struck me as something many people need to hear.

God is enough.  God has to be enough.  You have to be able to stand alone, with God, in the good and the bad and know, no matter what, He is all you need.  Without Him you are lost.  Keep Him close to your heart and remember, no matter what…He has to be enough.

Don’t ever forget that.  Community is important, yes.  When it comes down to it though, this needs to be true for you deep in your heart and in your entire being.  I know I need to work on it, what about you?


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Dwindle and Fade

We dwindle together, they fade alone.

Where is the love to be shown?

Though the number thus decrease,

Their contribution in our hearts must increase.

It is not so, now it does seem.

Take away that ‘I’ and make a team!

So we may as one dwindle,

The fire has to rekindle.

Alone they must not fade from here;

There is much in them this place holds dear.

So please show we and they some love,

The kind that comes from above.

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Think About This

Just because there is pain and hurt, doesn’t mean one is not truly happy.

Even the rain can bring joy, not only the sun.

You will know when someone really cares, more than general caring.

Don’t try to understand everything, it never happens.

Some carry crosses that are much different from the others.

Everything is for God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; even the darkness we must give.


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I Dance For You

This post goes along with my previous one.  We had XLT tonight and I was inspired to write this.

Dear Jesus, my brother

I dance for you, I dance for you

This is my prayer to you

Sometimes words are few

So I just dance for you

You walked to Calvary

Carrying a cross so heavy

You wanted to set me free

So I dance for you to see

Oh the pain you bear

From my sins, it isn’t fair

But nor was I fair

So I dance in your care

EVerywhere you come from

To save all, not just some

Our Savior you did become

To dance for you I come

Now I am here

Setting aside all fear

To me you are very near

I dance in your love clear

I dance for you, I dance for you

This is my prayer to you

Sometimes words are few

So I just dance for you

With love, your sister

Maybe they can read this before we dance at the prayer service…

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As most of you know, I love dancing and wish I had neer given it up for sports, though I would not give up the time I spent in sports.  Well, short version of a story first.  Then the slightly longer one.

I say all the time that I miss dancing and wish I had kept up with it. God says here you go. I am like…whoa, only a few days of practicing and this is not the easiest thing when it has been a while. God replies, it is not that bad really, you can do it. I leave the first practice I was at, where the student caught me up, thinking…oh my goodness, but I did ask for it I guess. Mary, please help me!

Basically, whenever I see people dancing as I once did, I wish I was with them and had continued lessons so that I would be better as time went on.  In my heart I am always dancing.  I hear a song and I want to dance to it, to sing, to be creative.  When I went in to help with the music class after lunch yesterday, the two students were finishing up practicing.  I commented to them about how good it look and that I once danced, so it made me smile to see them and mad me miss it a little.  The one who choreographed the dance and was teaching the other said something about dancing with them.  I was like, I don’t think so really.

Today, Sister came to me and asked if I wanted to do it.  Of course, I had not expected it.  I stuttered an I don’t know.  If you were to know who I am talking about, the “I don’t know” does not work when next Thursday is the prayer service this is a part of.  It ended with the can do it with either one or three dancers and there is only two right now with a maybe for a third.  She suggested that I come and see it at least.  That being said, I ate really fast what I could in two minutes and ran off to the chapel.  The moment I walked in, the student who created the dance said something along the lines of “good, you are going to dance with us!?”  That was it.  I was told there was no third person, so I would do it.  It is a two and a half minute dance, which is more dancing than one thinks.  She showed me the whole dance (minus the few small parts she still has to figure out) during second lunch.  Now…I have minimal time to remember it and practice.  Mary Help of Christians, help this poor soul remember her dancing body and do the best possible.


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Okay, I could be asking this in terms of many different things.  Right now, though, it has to do with this.

I am teaching myself piano and guitar.  Everytime I find a song I like to play and feel like Ican do something unique, it gets squashed by someone else.  This may appear to sound greedy or something, and I can see your point if you think so.  I was just playing “It’s More than Wine and Bread” on my guitar.  As soon as I was done, someone else picked up their guitar and insisted on playing it.  For some reason I got this extreme feeling of frustration.  Here was something Ijust figured out, and now someone else is going to take it and try to tell me how to play it.  I know I need to work on myself adn not react as so.  It just seems that everytime I get something and do something I can uniquely have or do, it gets pulled out from under me. 



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