How You Love Me

19 Feb

This past Thursday, there was XLT with the high school students.  It is adoration starting off with a witness talk, then adoration and music, followed by a social.  During the adoration, I was inspired and wrote the following prayer and poem.

Lord, hold me in your hands.  I give all of myself to you and your will.  Times will be hard, Lord this I know.  Please guide me  to the ultimate expression of love that I can share.  You are my salvation.  I abandon myself to you, help me stay strong.  Amen

Oh Lord, how you love me

A love that is deeper than the sea

You know all of my heart and soul

What fills me to the very full

The pain I caused you know

All the troubles I do sow

Yet you love me all the same

This the reason that you came

For you see something else too

The great things that I yearn to do

In my being you put a burning desire

Wanting to go set the world on fire

You to me this you did give

The passion for which I live

I stare at each broken hand

How am I to work in this land

It is your saving, love-filled grace

That brings me to this place

Where I adore you in prayer

For me, you truly fully care

Take this heart to you I present

Make it pure and unbent

Give it strength enough to suffice

And I will pay whatever the price

For you my everything to be

Oh Lord, how you love me

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