Protect Life

25 Jan

Yesterday, a handful of students and all of us aspirants went on the March for Life.  I had never gone before and was wanting to know how it all worked.  I have been on other things before similar to this, but not quite the same.  In all honestly, I was expecting a little more out of it.  What it was that I was expecting, I am not sure…but something more.  It is definitly good to be a witness to others. 

One thing that bothered me a little was that even though this was called a March for Life, the focus was only on the topic of abortion.  I feel that a lot of people who are pro-life tend to forget the other issues at hand in defending the dignity of a person.  Pro-life needs to be from conception all the way to natural death.  So, for me that was something I was reflecting on as we walked the streets.

Logistically, it was an interesting long day.  Why?  The part of the day that consist with having to do with the march was fifteen hours.  Five hours to get there, five hours there, and five hours to get back.  Looks very spread out, right?  Try again.  Five hours at the march, ten hours on a bus.  Needless to say, as much as this was a good cause, I am sore and tired from the bus portion.  In any case, keeping up with my one poem a day thing I have been on, I wrote a poem yesterday on the way home but had not the time to get it up when we got, it was simply too late.  Here it is.

What will it take in this world
For life to be always respected
Not only from your conception
But through till natural death
We throw away what God gave
Replaced with our conveniences
Do we forget what is important
Protecting our lives with love
Pray daily and remember now
God loves us and wants us
We must live our lives bravely
Helping others to do the same
In this world it is not easy
To promote dignity for all
In all stages of life we walk
Remember to protect life
Conception to natural death
Wouldn’t you want the same
To have your life protected too

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One response to “Protect Life

  1. VirginiaNative1689

    January 30, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    I first attended the March for Life in D.C. last year and I attended again this year. I absolutely agree with you that the focus should not be on abortion alone. The IVF issue doesn’t get as much coverage. Same with euthanasia. We need to cultivate a culture of life.


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