Short Adoration, Tall Results

22 Jan

I was asked by a fellow aspirant to do the exposition and reposition for adoration tomorrow.  This being because I had offered another time when it would have just been my companions and me, but we ended up going down the hill to the provincial.  So, being the sisters that I tend to live with, they wanted me to practice and do it before doing it at adoration, even though I know how adn have been studying them doing it.

Tonight, I went to the chapel where the sister sacristan made sure I knew what I was doing.  Being that I need to do the motions, we got to have our own adoration.  It may have been just 10-15 seconds, but it was one of the best adoration moments ever.  Sister was kneeling on my left side with us behind the altar, one of my companions kneeling in front while watering flowers.  It was great.

Sometimes that little moment is all you need.

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One response to “Short Adoration, Tall Results

  1. Alison

    January 25, 2011 at 11:08 am

    LOVE it.


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