Divine Silence in a Torn Heart

16 Jan

There once was silence in my heart

Long ago as a small child care-free

Love was all I knew, life was so full

Then the years pass, war is waged

The silence dwindles, chaos builds

Oh how my heart has broken much

Consumed by lots, such uncertainty

Calm is hard to find admist it all

Once place I must go, before the Lord

For even when torn apart, He loves me

Will I ever find that silence again

Could it be here in this place secure

Then why chaos in my heart to dwell

Peace, pray peace to my heart so lost

Make it simple, make it full of love

Then maybe once more I will feel

The divine silence in my torn heart

It is amazing that even in a place where things seem to be coming together, I can be fighting a torn heart filled with chaos.  There is much to be healed and much to still set free.  All the same, I love it here and it is teaching me so much.  Lord, enter my heart please. 

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Posted by on January 16, 2011 in Creative Corner, Inner Reflection


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