The Words I Can Say: Open Your Eyes

11 Jan

Where are the words I need to say

To explain myself the right way

So that people may begin to see

Maybe understand come of me

Let me please just apologize

You don’t see it in my eyes

I don’t learn just like you

I’m different in what I do

Please let me speak and explain

Don’t cause me any more pain

My words are not empty, wrong

They are true to my life-song

You need to open those eyes, for

If you did you could see more

There are some things that provoked this poem that I wrote this morning.  It still amazings me teh lack of awareness and such there is in the world, even admist us all.

I was confronted again by a fellow aspirant about how I should be studying and was basically being told I was not trying hard enough.  It was implied that I have not tested different ways of lerning things.  She proceeded to tell me this story of a young girl who had thie tragic story and all.  I was being told if she could do it a certain way, so could I.  It was frustrating and she would not let the topic drop.  I finally told her to stop because she is not helping in anyway at all.  There is no way she could understand, esspecially with the lenses she is looking through.

Another of the aspirants is not letting me apologize for the things I do need to apologize.  It is frustrating to me because then how do I know that she is really hearing me out?  There are things I need to explain and tell her.  As well, I am not sure if she is aware that we are all trying to go through and make the most of our formation and spending time with Jesus.  Sometimes I am afraid she thinks she is the only one.  Yes, we can all fall to that, but for me, I know that we are all in the same boat.  In that sense, it is hard when someone tried to distance themselves so she can stay focused on what is important.  The community is just as important.

Those are my rants.

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