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How is it Possible?

Is it even possible

That this could be true

That there is happy ending

From all we do for you

How are we to know

In a world of deception

That some things are good

Not all is rejection

Is it worth the search

For what keeps together

That will sure one day

Bring us safely there

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Be Careful Please

Hello all!  I feel the need to preface this next poem of mine.  It has a bitter feel to it.  When I wrote it, I was frustrated with how some things are.  This is not to say that I have not been enjoying my time and the company of the others in the community.   As it is anywhere, tensions do arise here and there.  I ask that you not look too deep into the words, but take them at the what they say.  From there, pray for all we deal with tensions and frustrations, that they may come to peace with each other.

If you are not careful, you will never know

One day I may just get up and go

Then you will regret all you did and said

As you are standing at my death-bed

Maybe then you could just possibly see

That there actually was a lot of good in me

Right now you fail to see the point at all

Instead helping me to my demise, my fall

So let me leave you with this to ponder

You are not the only one who is there


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Throughout All Time

In the beginning

In the here and now

In the future

Throughout all time


Sinners we have been

Sinners we are today

Sinners we will be

We run and hide from this

But we sin, it is true


In the beginning

In the here and now

In the future

Throughout all time


God’s grace has saved us

God’s grace is saving us

God’s grace will save us

We must believe, have faith

And our sins are wiped clean


In the beginning

In the here and now

In the future

Throughout all time


We have served God

We now serve God

We will serve God

This in thanksgiving we offer

Our work for your glory


In the beginning

In the here and now

In the future

Throughout all time

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Move On In God’s Grace

What is done is done they say

You got to move on not matter anyway

So what if it was oh so very great

Or very bad and full of such hate

God’s grace has pulled you through

You now need to do what He says too

Sure somedays maybe so difficult

In this world there is lots of fault

But pick yourself up off the ground

And live in the love you have found

When you look into Christ’s loving face

To see the grace that keeps you in place

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A Little Prayer

Here this, my little prayer

Hold me with your loving care

For I need to feel that love

That only comes from up above

Bring me through this difficulty

So I can be who I am to be

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The Power of a Clothespin

Due to the day that was yesterday, I am late in post the poem that I wrote for yesterday.  Therefore, it has appeared now with the inspiration, enjoy!

I read this really cute story having to do with clothespin ministry and it inspired me to write a poem.  Here is the story posted on my facebook page.

Today our 3 year old shared her clothespin with a man sitting by himself in the waiting room. She walked up and said; “Here my friend, you are not alone.” He smiled and once he read the pin his eyes started to water and thanked her over and over. She patted his knee and said; “It’s okay, God is always gonna be with you.” and cheerfully walked away. We are so excited to make clothespins and continue this ministry! All because we saw a group passing a clothespin around at a concert. <><

Amazing, isn’t it?!  The girl is only three.  I find this story so inspiring.  After having read this, I got the inspiration for my next poem.  This is what I came up with.

Did you ever imagine

The power it could bring

A simple household item

And a message so true

Just pass it on and on

You will certainly see

A life can be changed

Just imagine one day

As you are feeling blue

Something cathes the eye

And you see it there

Such joy in surprise

This very simple thing

Someone cares for you

It must be passed on

So all may see it now

A message of love

Sent in a clothespin

Do you want to learn more and connect with others who are into this ministry?  Click here! Thanks for reading.  God Bless!

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Music of the Soul

The melody, it sings

The harmony, it rings

The music, it brings


All of my heart

And all of my soul

Down to my knees

With praises so full


Sweet songs pierce the air

Filled with love and care

The music brings Jesus there


To all of my heart

And all of my soul

Down to my knees

With praises so full


All else is stripped away

There’s music to play

I am left only to pray


With all of my heart

And all of my soul

Down to my knees

With praises so full


Oh music, harmonies

Fill me with praise

Through music

Music of the soul


Now that you have read through this, I want to share with you the little I can of what is inside of me about this song and how I imagine it to be.  There are two voices for sure (maybe more!), a piano, and some wind instruments.  I was thinking maybe flute, oboe, clarinet.  There was also the thought of soft drumming, bongos maybe, but I have not got that far.

The first line, one voice.  Add the second voice in on the second line.  Add in instruments during the third line.  Piano can play lightly, not too many things, to start with the one voice.  The refrain is all that there is playing and singing.  Second verse is just beautifully done with such passion, dropping some instruments.  Refrain is again full and filled with life.  Into the third verse we reverse that of the first in some respects.  A little fuller in the first line, drifted to two voices in the second line, finally solo voice in the third line.  Piano continual, can drop a few notes here or there.  The final refrain is not as lively as the others, all voices are there, a bit more calm.  Two or three wind instruments stick around.  Into the ending, the wind instruments fade one by one.  Piano fades as well.  All voices are singing.  A little drumming may continue.  The last line singers only.

This is what I have in my head, roughly.  It needs work and altering.  It also needs someone who can bear with me and make sense onto paper the things I feel in my heart and soul.  Take it or leave it, but gain something from it.

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