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Night Before Christmas

While reading through some of the blogs I follow, I stumbled upon this and wanted to share it with all of you.
‘Twas the Night Before CHRISTmas
by Victoria Jenkins
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
None of God’s creatures were stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In truth, it was Christ’s birth that had put them there.
God’s children were nestled all snug in their beds,
Unlike the baby Jesus, with no place to lay His sweet head;
Mother Mary and Joseph, and some shepherds perhaps
Watched over our Savior as He peacefully napped.
When up in the sky there arose such a clatter,
That three wise men grabbed the best gifts they could gather.
Away to the Messiah they flew like a flash,
To see our Redeemer in the flesh at long last.
The star in the sky gave off such a glow
Shining with the luster of mid-day to objects below,
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But the stillness of the star showing they must be near.
It’s unclear how long they traveled, but it was quite a bit,
Still they knew by the star’s pause that this must be it.
Three gifts they brought to little Jesus when they came,
And they rejoiced as the angels had as they praised His name;
“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace among those whom He favors!
To the top of the mountains!
To the bottom of the sea!
Our Savior is born to save both you and me!”
As God’s children sleep, safe in their beds,
Both Father and Son watch over their heads,
Loving them enough to number each countless hair,
We’ve no way to earn their love, but every way to share.
Giving gifts as the wise men did is a fun tradition,
As long as the point of Christmas never goes missing.
Deck the halls and trim the tree,
Hang the stockings and dance with glee.
Share the joy of CHRISTmas which no wrapped gift could match,
Tell of the Babe wrapped in cloth who brought us freedom at last;
A bundle of joy lying in the manger,
Sent to save us from unspeakable danger.
His life for ours, what an amazing gift!
He was born so that man might no longer perish!
His life was as pure as the day He was born,
As He taught us the greatest lessons we’ll learn;
Be devoted to one another in brotherly love,
Don’t try to be pleasing to man, but to God above;
Build on the Rock and not the sand,
Keep an open heart and an outstretched hand.
So many people are in need this Christmas,
Let God use you to fulfill their wishes;
Give as you’ve been given to,
You provide for others and He’ll provide for you;
So speak of His Word, and get straight to His work,
Always giving Him the glory since it all came from Him first.
Remember, it’s God’s children in this world that are the light,
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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The Christmas Story told through Facebook

This is a video I was shown that someone posted on Facebook.  It is awesome enough that I had to share with all of you!

What do you think!?


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Missing the Magic of Music

Tonight was the concert for the Middle School and High School choirs.  Of course I had it in my mind to be attending even if we did not have to.  Then, of course, I was helping out with it as well.  How, might one ask.  Did I play an instrument?  No.  I turned pages for a companion of mine, who is a musical wonder (in my mind at least), who has been teaching eighth grade music.  She served as the pianist for the concert.  It was beautiful concert and many people left proud of their daughters. 

As the concert ended and people stood to clap and to go greet their daughters, I had this feeling rush over me.  I miss the magic of  music that was always in my life, for most of it at least.  It is not that it is not here now, but I am not in a band or of the like.  Being a part of a concert, even if it was the odd runs I did a few times or being support to the teachers (my companion and the paid teacher) or turning pages or feeding my companion with all the rehearsing, was amazing and wonderful.  No one needs to really know I was a part of it, but I know that I made a difference somewhere.

When all this set in, I felt a multitude of tears inside of me for all the memories that I have.  This of course was aided by all the other things I miss as well.  It is amazing the impression and good we can do for the people we come across, especially youth given the vocation I am discerning now. 

I do not have to always be missing the magic of music.  There are plenty of chances still for it.  Yes, there will be the memories and the things I will always miss and never forget.  There also can be new endeavors and challenges.  The magic of music is all around, I just have to know where to find it and create it and be a part of it.


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Grounded Bibles and Other Holy Things

I am curious as to what your thoughts are on this topic that popped up ever so briefly this morning.

A companion of mine in formation went to put her Bible on the ground after getting up from the chair to go get something she need before our shared meditation  (keep in mind there are no tables near).  As she went to put it down, she was told that she should not do that as it is a lack of respect for the Bible and the Word of God. 

What do you think of this?  I am coming at it form a Catholic background.  If it makes a difference, and it may or may not, it is good to know what background your stance is from.  Also, if you have thoughts on any other things in relation, I would love to hear thoughts!


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The Luxury of Tissue and Snow Sticking Down

Tissue is actually a commodity that is not to be taken for granted.  While yes, we do get tissue here at the house to blow our sick red noses, it may not be considered the softest best ever tissue filled with lotion and aloe that one could want.  Despite that, we are taken care of.  It may seem ridiculous to most of you this little thing, but it is something to think about.  Sure, I ended up getting some tissue at the store that has lotion and aloe.  Does that mean I am not thankful for what we have?  No.  It really meant that my noise hurt, and I had the ability to go get some, so I did. 

It snowed.   It stayed on the ground and has not melted (yet).  It is a glorious thing indeed,

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The Spirit of Mary Help in the Halls

Here is a little video that was pointed out to us today that is on youtube.  It was shot within 24 hours by some of the students at Mary Help to be sent into Oprah.  I do not recall the reasoning for video or what sparked the sudden need for it.  Watching it, I thought it would be a good things to share with my friends and fellow bloggers so that you may get an idea of those that I am serving and those who teach me in return. 

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