Things in the Mind

06 Nov

Turmoil of the soul and spirit.  This past week I am told I had nightmares two nights.  I do recall waking up in the night, which I hardly do.  The other aspirant with whom I was sharing a room with (we were in Boston with some SDBs) told me I was talking in my sleep those two nights.  One night more clear than the other.  What does this mean?  It fits in with some of the struggles I have been having.  Something is going on deep in me, that even I am not sure what is happening.  Starting tomorrow (I hope) I am going to start another novena.  This time to Blessed Mother Theresa.  We saw an exhibit about her yesterday.

Boston was pretty cool.  Yes, it was only nice the day we arrived and the first full day.  It rained the last full day and the day we travelled back.  Regardless of the weather, there were fun times and some cool things.  Upon arrival, we went to the Boys and Girls Club.  Then Wednesday we went to Salem and Boston for the Freedom Trail.  In the evening it was back to the Club.  On Thursday we went to the Harvard campus to look/wander around and to listen to an organ recital.  In the afternoon and evening we were around the house or at the club.  Going to leave on Friday, we stopped at this museum ran by the Knights of Columbus.  They had an exhibit up for Blessed Mother Theresa.  It was a lot of reading, but really cool to see some of the second class relics they have.  She was an extraordinary woman, no question there.

You have to literally watch every move you make and everything you say around some of the people here.  It is so easy to get in trouble.  Though if you know how to be useful in a way appropriate for you and a situation, you can just as easily find good things to do that help another.

We are a family, the eight of us.  In families people come and go.  We all want to do what God wants us to do.  No matter who stays or goes, who thinks this way or that, or whatever else you can think of; we need to take care of each other.  We have started this week having prayer partners.  We are paired up with another aspirant to pray for each other, talk with each other, and make sure we are all doing ok.  I am a fan.  Let us see how it all pans out.

Tonight is Catholic Underground.  I get to see a friend of mine from college.  We have not seen each other since graduation.  It will surely be exciting and really great to see her.

Discernment.  It is an ongoing process.  We shall see how the process goes!

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