Bonjour Madame

19 Oct

Tonight was the most amazing night to end a day that was not as swell as one would hope.  One of our aspirants got a huge package of bags of cookies that had clues to them to make messages.  Want to know the fun part…they were all in italian.  Once we put all of them together, we ate ate ate them all up!  When we were done with that, a handful of us went on to play spoons.  After a couple of hands, we decided to move ourselves from the kitchen table to the table in the animator’s office.  After inquiring, we play some more rounds with her in as well.  After she had lost two hands in a row, she pushes the spoons aside and introduces this other game to us.  It is called Bonjour Madame.  You deal out all the cards to each of the players.  Taking turns you flip them over into a common pile.  Whenever an ace comes up, you have to slap the pile.  The last one to slap gets the cards.  When a jack comes up, you have to say “Hi Jack!”  The last one gets the cards.  When the Queen comes up, you say “Bonjour Madame.”  The last one gets the cards.  When the King comes up, you stand up silently and bow silently.  It is the most hilarious thing that one could ever observe.  Sr. Kim must have been dying watching us after teaching us this game.

This was exactly the community that I love to have.  When prayer is great together, we play games that are the most awesome, we get along with each other, and we are developing our skills and repertoire for being with the youth.   I just want to say that tonight was so awesome and I would not take back that time together for anything.  Thank you God for giving us this chance to hang out in this way.

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One response to “Bonjour Madame

  1. Alison

    October 20, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Ohhhh, that sounds so fun. Glad you’re enjoying yourself, Ashley! I want to play that game now. Maybe if you’re able to get together for an hour or so over Christmas, we’ll have to play!


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