Jesus is all Over

11 Oct

So as I go to start this post, I heard something just said now in the hallway.  Jesus is all over.  Not like the it is over and done with kind of over, but rather the everywhere type of all over.  That really struck me.  It is something I have said in the few talks I have given before, but hearing it plain and simple like that was a great reminder.  While the time we have with Jesus at the mass or in adoration is most vital to our lives as Catholics, that is not the only place that Jesus is in those lives of ours.  Think about that.  In every breath we take, Jesus is there.  We are living, walking tabernacles for Jesus. 

That being said, back to my original thoughts.  While at Mass this morning, which was down at the provincial, I had some thoughts.  When they do Mass, there is not a communion song to be sung.  One of my fellow aspirants asked me if we should sing “Lord Prepare Me.”  My immediate response was that we should not because it is not planned as so, so we really should just start singing.  After this little conversation had taken place, I was thinking about silence and how we tend to fill everything up with music, noise. 

We don’t exactly need to always have something playing in the background.  The simple act of going up to communion in silence was nice.  Sure, you could hear the rustling of feet and the people on them moving around, but there was silence elsewise.  From the back I could hear the priest present over and over “the Body of Christ.”  It was cause for great reflection.  I may love my music and want to hear it at every point of every day, but every now and then there is need for that silence.

In the silence, Jesus is always around, everywhere.  Yes in the sounds and noise too, but Jesus is a silent presence when we tend to think that He not there.  In every moment just remember, Jesus is all over.


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2 responses to “Jesus is all Over

  1. Sara Diaz

    October 17, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Ah!! Speedy (can I still call you Speedy still ?) 🙂
    You’ll probably never know how happy your decision to join the sister’s makes me. As I’m a Catholic as well, I know how difficult things like this can be. But, I also know the immense joy that can bring. As for the silence in your comment, believe me I know what you are talking about. Even at family gatherings I have to get away from everything and seek a quiet place to find some peace. For a long time I though that there was something wrong with me and then I realized that I was just seeking inner peace. Peace that can only be achieved by the blessing of the Lord. People make to much noise sometimes and it is really overwhelming for me.
    It is not strange to me that you joined the sisters. I am a witness of the beautiful person you are and how much you love your faith. Perhaps, my life is roaming very close to yours. I haven’t joined them but many already say that I live my life like a nun. I am truly not offended but happy. I spend must of my days in church, working, praying, planing activities, you name it! So, I guess that we both find joy in the simple things of life, (and I’m sure you probably heard this before) we are not easily understood. My advise to you is this… while people may not always understand your point of view or the reasons that you had to join, share that love for your faith with them! Love is like an infection, given enough time it’s spreads and it is unstoppable.
    Many blessings to you on the road ahead. I shall pray the Lord to give you all the right tools for you to do His work. He has really gained a most wonderful advocate for His faith!! ‘Til next time!!!

    Sara (aka GYPSY)

    • Ash

      October 17, 2010 at 9:18 pm

      oh my gosh! Why in the world had we not talked sooner about all this wonderfulness. I am not sure if I recall knowing you were Catholic as well or not, but yeah. You post made me smile immensely and cry happy tears. 🙂 I hope you are reading this now. Yes, I can be called Speedy. I love you with all the camp love in the world!


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