Morning of Goodness

06 Oct

It is amazing the things that come up as you stroll through life that truely make you smile. 

This morning walking silently on the way to prayers and mass, I ran into Jen striding down at the same time as me.  She made a goofy face and I made one back.  It was very good to have that this morning, reminding me that today is as fun as we make it and allow it to be. 

Friendly competition never hurt, esspecailly when you don’t have to do it!  I was informed that the Yankees play the Twins tonight at 7:45, therefore I hope we can watch it.  The one who infomed me is from New York, so this could be fun!

The bus that is always late was indeed…on time!  We tend to want to close th locker room down at 7:40, not usually succeeding at it until 7:45.  This being all before the last bus rolls in around 7:50 after school has started.  Today that same bus arrived at 7:35!  It was a miracle!  As well, I actually recieved a few good mornings that had some care adn excitement in them.  It is a very small improvement compared to other mornings.

I was able to be of assistance this morning in being a reminder to someone that they had to sub for a class for one of the sisters who is out of town.  While she may have been a couple minutes late, she was able to get there!

This is so far what my morning has held.  Who knows what is to come!

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