Goodness of the Day

06 Oct

In the previous post, I written of my morning thus far.  It consisted of goofy faces in the morning, learning of a baseball game I could watch, the bus that is always late was on time, and reminding someone that they had substitutions today.  As the day went on, here were some of the other things that were.

On eof the sisters needed to take a car in for an oil change, so she asked me to go with so she could get home.  It was nice to be of such a simple assistance to another in a basic way such as driving down the road. 

During our morning meditation lectio divina that we do, I had some good thoughts to ponder.  A phrase that popped up was about forgiveness.  We so often tend to be able to forgive others or ask others for forgiveness.  The big thing is that we never tend to forgive ourselves.  It is something to think about.  At the end of the prayer we pray outlound for the person on our left.  Jen (ironically) was the one who was praying for me.  Her prayer was definately a good one for me.  I do not recal what it was that she had said, but I loved it.

Lunch was fun.  Jen handed us her camera and said take pictures in the locker room of you with the girls.  Needless to say, Megan and I had a little bit of fun.

After lunch and visit, I was found again to drive with the sister to pick up the car.  Now I must tell you, it was amazing how that about a minute drive can be just waht you need.  As soon as I dropped her off with the newly looked at car, I took off and got through part of a sang on the radio, and it was calming.

In our afternoon class of Don Bosco, we were all pipped up from who knows what.  There was a lot of energy in that classroom.  It was good to see everyone in such light spirits, if even only for a little while. 

From there…well, we don’t need to talk about the realizations I made.  God is good each day admist everything that is nto so good.

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