Thoughts of the Evening

21 Sep

Good evening you to all.  I just want to share some thoughts on my mind.  They consist of a few frustrations, and some joys.

Meeting with the provincial was great in the sense we sang as a group 30 minutes before she showed up while waiting, we spoke up and voiced our opinions, crying happened (which means there was openess and a wall starting to fall), and we just generally had some funny moments. 

I was just told to be mindful of how long I am on the computer and not to hog it, minding you I have been on it for no more that 5-10 minutes and others are on here longer. 

The outside world of nature is a beautiful place and reminds me of who I am and who made me.  It is a constant drilling in my head that we shall not make things more complicated than they already are. 

Working together is still hard as a group, but it will happen eventually.  It was said to us that if things are hard now, they will get better. 

As soon as we think we have recovered from one thing, we get hit with something else.

I got to help people learn the dance we are doing for the rally.  I drilled them over and over…they both were exhausted physically and mentally from it. 

The kids at the school have mixed up views on who we are as aspirants.  We take their phones and kick them out to class, but we want them to trust us and have fun with us. 

I have to keep praying that God will bring me through all this and that I may be a good example to others in the way of thinking that works for them, staying positive and optimistic as possible, making sure that we take the best out of every situation.

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