Penny For Your Thoughts?

09 Sep

So, in light of a couple of conversations along with the inner thoughts of my mind and heart, a few things popped up that I would like to ask.


Some people don’t genuflect at all.  I think some sign of bowing or kneeling down is important as a sign of respect, but I am wondering people’s thoughts on when and how often.  There really is no right or wrong, I am just looking for some thoughts.  One way I see it is that people show a sign of reverence when coming into the chapel/church and then again before they leave that place of worship where Jesus is.  The other way I see is that every time anyone moves from place to place or when they cross the tabernacle or anything of the like, they show that sign of reverence.  What are people’s thoughts on either or both, or another of which they notice?

Kneeling During Prayer

This too has come up in conversation.  Most people kneel on the kneelers that exist in churches.  Some people do not use them.  I know that again, neither of them is particularly right or wrong.  I believe that whatever is done is what the believer feels is their way to connect through prayer to God.  I could ask a couple of things here in this topic.  Initially, what are your thoughts on this?  As well, is it right to say to another that they must not kneel right on the ground if a kneeler is provided; this to show good example to others, to not distract them, and that we have to if one is provided, to use it?  If I am correct in saying this, and I may not be, were not the kneelers created so that we might be more comfortable in praying?  So if it is but only a comfort, should not one be allowed to kneel as they choose, even in community with people who have their lifestyle and charism?

Please share any and all thoughts on these topics, answering those questions which I posed, or that of other related topics.  Thank you!


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3 responses to “Penny For Your Thoughts?

  1. Elle

    September 9, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    I recognize that everybody has their own individual expressions of faith, devotion, and worship (myself included) so if I was new to a community and someone told me I was not doing it “right” or “appropriately” I would probably be put off enough to not return because of the climate that indicates to me. I am of the opinion that your worship and prayer should be based off what connects you to God, not what other people tell you is right; I have my reasons for doing things the way I do as I’m sure others have their reasons.

    That said, I love the holy moves. I feel more engaged in the liturgy when I move, so I do all moves as appropriate during liturgy. However, for practical reasons I do not genuflect or bow every time I cross the tabernacle or altar – if I did, my Altar Guild duties would easily take twice as long and I would probably drop sacred vessels in the process. I don’t think either of those are what God really wants of me!

    As for the kneeling, I am a cheater-kneeler. I cannot put my kneecaps on the kneeler for more than three seconds before feeling like the kneeler is going to shear off my kneecaps, so I put my shins on the kneeler and bum on the pew because my torso would be hanging over the pew in front of me if I didn’t lean back. I would probably prefer to kneel directly on the floor (the pressure on my knees/legs would be distributed more evenly) except I am short enough that with the loss of those few inches I wouldn’t be able to see what’s going on over the heads of my neighbors. I do like the act of kneeling, but I also need to be comfortable enough to focus on God and not the shooting pain in my left knee.

  2. Betsy Joy

    September 10, 2010 at 9:08 am

    I agree with what Elle stated at the beginning of the comment.
    I personally genuflect when ever I enter a church or Chapel with a Tabernacle and also when I cross in front of the Tabernacle.
    In regards to kneeling I agree that the kneelers are there for our comfort. I personally do not use them because I offer that little bit of discomfort as a sacrifice but I don’t think anyone who uses them is doing anything wrong. It’s just a matter of what helps you pray.


  3. kkollwitz

    September 11, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    We are each a unique body and soul creation. Not a soul stuck temporarily in a body, but a unity of the two, as Jesus was a unity of God and Man. So the soul can train the body through prayer and reflection, and the body can train the soul through good works. We worship not just with our souls but with our whole being. Kneeling, genuflecting, and bowing are physical ways we are reverent and humble. By doing these things we also influence those around us in these habits. And by training our bodies in these virtuous habits, we also train our souls.


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