Trust, Don’t Think!

26 Aug

Besides the hour and a half delay getting here, I arrived safely with the Salesians at the house around 10pm on the 24th.  I was surely a bit exhausted but all the same so very excited to get away from everything and be here.  The group of 8 of us are amazing and we already are having the best of times!  Because of the short time I have currently, here are some of the things that have happened.

“Trust, don’t think” is our moto.

We almost all went swimming in the rain.

Sr. Theresa impersonated a bug in water.

Skip-bo was a very fun game to play.

Uniforms were oddly exciting to sort through and then buy what we did not have.

There has already been labor, yay!

Jen braided me hair, I love that. 

Pretty much, that is what I have for now, I will share more details later when I have the time.  Thanks for following me and there were surely be good things to come.  For example, a poem I wrote today. 🙂 Peace!

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