Rise and Go my Friend!

03 Aug

“Awake from your slumber!  Arise from your sleep!”

How beautiful it is to arise from the death that I talked about previous to this!  Once we have died, we can not just go back to where we came from and lose sight of the goal.  Sure, it happens, but we must fight the good fight.  Rising sounds so easy, and it is at first when one is really excited about letting go and letting God take a hold of everything.  Once all that wears off, how do you deal with that?  Discover what feeds your faith and your relationship with the Trinity.

I must honestly say, I initially thought I knew what I was going to say to reflect on these three days that make up a TEC weekend, but I find myself at a lost of what to say.  Dying, rising, and going are things we do everyday and every second of our lives.  Die to what holds you back from the Lord, rise up and find what can feed your faith, and then for go share that with the world.  Every time we fail, we need to go through the whole process once again.  It is a constant learning and a constant metanoia.  When it gets hard, we need to remember we have people around us who care so much.

I leave you with that and the promise of more reflection worth reading.

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