Just Die!

03 Aug

Dying, what do we often think of when we hear about death or the topic comes up?  There is a constant line of thought that tells us it is bad and life must be prolonged as much as possible.  What I know is much different.  How we possibly live without dying?  People think if we die, there is nothing left to live on earth.  This is not how it goes!  We must die everyday, every second of our life!  No, not physically die.  Sometimes yes, there is a physical dying that happens in reaction to the dying we do else-wise, but either way you come back stronger.

Faith is the most important thing in life.  Faith in Jesus, in God, in the Holy Spirit.  If you are holding a huge stack of weighted boxes, are you able to receive in your hands a rose?  Each and every time we fail to pray, skip out on mass, neglect others, and anything else that is not being a good Christian; we add another box to our arms.  We carry so much pain and hurt as well.  We hold grudges, we don’t let go of loss, we fail to take care of ourselves, and we deny God a way into our lives.  All that adds to the boxes being stacked.  How can we ever see what God has in store for us and receive the love of His rose with everything in our hands that blocks our views?

This is where we need to die to ourselves!  How do we do that?  With the love of Jesus in the sacrament of Reconciliation!  Of course, there are other ways to put down the boxes too.  Confessing to a priest who stands in for Jesus gives us that chance to tell Him directly that you are sorry.  All these things that we do to hold ourselves back from a life of true faith we need to get rid of.  We need to die so that we can live.  Society now accepts all the bad things as a way of life, as the way it is, an individualistic type of society.  Like I said, what I know is so much different and so much better!

So put down those boxes.  Die to yourself.  Let go and let God.  That way, you can receive the rose and the love of the Trinity.  Be a part of that community of love in which you can only being there when free of pain, grudge, deceit, and sorrow.  God and His son Jesus will be waiting for you with the Holy Spirit waiting to fill you up to the fullest!

Just Die.

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Posted by on August 3, 2010 in Inner Reflection, Retreat Experience


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One response to “Just Die!

  1. Kelly

    October 21, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    I was going to say…sounds like a good reflection for die day!


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