NJ to MN: Day 5

15 Jul

Wow…this day again consisted of a lot of driving.  We made one combination of stops today.  The morning ran as usual, heading out on the road not long until we hit our stop around Dresden, Ohio.  We first went to the welcome center and walked around town some.

We then went on to the Longaberger Homestead.  Mom was definately sure that we had to go to this, and I decided to go with it as well.  When we first walked into the Homestead, we of course had ot take a picture in a baskt, then one down either side.

Of course, you have to get a close up of the basket of apples because it looks pretty sweet

We headed to a small building to make a flower from teh wood used in making the baskets.  It was pretty cool and I am quite a fan of my flower.  Here we are making our flowers and with them when we were done.

When were done making the flowers, we headed over the factory and warehouse.  There we took a tour of the plant, even seeing things we were not supposed to see like baskets coming out at Christmas (it was a cool looking one!) and the sliver of a peek to a room where they design baskets (though you could not see in).  The tour was neat and it was only five dollars a person.  After the tour we wandered the shopping area in the factory before we did the awesome thing of the day.  We made our own baskets!  🙂  Of course, we had a little help and such.  Here are some pictures of us making them and with them afterwards.

I was back and forth on making a basket because I was not sure what I could use it for.  The start of the day was me looking at small ones to use, but I waited to see what was to come.  I ended up convincing mom that see should do it, which in turn meant convincing myself to do one.  It was well worth it and I like my basket.  When we left there, we headed out.  On our way out and back on the road again, we stopped at the headquarters for the Longaberger Baskets.

From then, we drove straight until we hit the hotel.  On the drive it was raining a good amount.  The funny part was that to the left of us was a lot of rain.  To the right of us you saw this.

So, right before we got the where we planned to stop, a little light came on my dashboard.  You want to know what they light was? It was the gas empty light!  Ha, well…my car made it a few miles until we hit the next exit and we went straight to the closest gas station.  After filling up and scolding ourselves for not realizing the gas meter, we headed out for about twenty minutes to our distination.  Tonight we have landed ourselves at a Best Western in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Today is Thurday, or at least for about 40 more minutes.  Tomorrow after a very short time, maybe even ten minutes, we switch back into central time zone, which will be weird for me.  The plan is to arrive home late on Saturday.  I do have a meeting to go to, which means I should start working on the talk/meditation…yay!  More tomorrow!

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