NJ to MN: Day 3

13 Jul

What a day!  It consisted of driving, walking, eating and…well, that is what it was!  The alarm went off at 7:30 this morning.  Mom got up after a couple hits on the snooze and sometime after she got out of the shower, I was up to join her for breakfast.  There were biscuits!  Anyways, once we were all washed up, packed and ready to go, we headed out West on 30 to continue the journey.  It was a generally cloudy day, though there was some sun here and there.  The theme of the day, by the way, is free free free!

Our goal was to get into York, PA and do some of the things that the city had to offer there for attractions and tours.  The first stop was at Wolfgang Chocolate Factory.  I am going to by saying that over this trip so far, we really do not come across anything that easily when on the hunt.  That being said, once we found the place, it was a good tour.

The tour was amazing, we got to go in the factory, basically standing next to the people working there.  It was pretty cool.  Not many factories actually do that anymore when you tour.  You had to take off all jewelery and cover all hair.   That being the hair on your head, face, and arms.  Tee-shirts and shoes required.  Wear gloves if you have a ring on or nail polish.  They really want to make sure you don’t drop anything in the chocolate and candies and cookies.  It was simple and amazing.  When we were done, there was a warehouse sale with discounted goods as well as a mini sampling!  Yay sale sweets!  Ten dollars for a decent amount of sweets, who can say that is bad at all!?  When we were done purchasing, we took a picture of the old tins that things were served in.

After the Wolfgang Chocolate tour and purchasing, we went off to go find the Snyder Factory.  We did a tour that took us above the plant were we could look through windows in order to see the things that were going on.  It was neat to see where things go and how things are done.  Did you know?  The small chips get put in the small bags and the big chips get put in the big bags!  When we were done, we each got two mini sample bags of pretzels.  They are yum.  It was a good tour as well.

Leaving the York area, we went towards Gettysburg yet unsure of whether we would stop or not. The first thing that we did was find a place to eat so we could figure out what to do.  We ate at another diner, Lincoln’s Diner.  It was another good place to eat, I approve.

We ended up stopping and taking the auto tour on our own.  It took somewhere around 2-3 hours to do.  Here I have some of the stops that we took, those that I have pictures for.  First up are some pictures at the Eternal Light Peace Memorials.

This following picture is from the North Carolina Memorial.  I like how this was constructed.

The next stop was at the Virgina Memorial.  The picture is a little dark, according to mom.

We took a few pictures off a look-out tower, but here I will just post the one of mom and me.

This was just cool, so here is a picture.

Here is the Minnesota Monument that we saw by the Pennsylvania Memorial.

And then of course…the Pennsylvania Memorial.

The next photos are from the cemetery.  First is where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.  The next is a memorial for the address.

Along with these places, we saw much more and took many many more photos.  These are the cool ones that I thought you would like to say.  There are a couple observation tours we went up and many memorials we stopped at.  It was a good tour, though I do not remember a lot of what I read or saw.

After done with all that, we drove about 30 minutes further West on 30 to come to our hotel.  It had started to rain and we had to find a hotel to go see if they had space for us.  We have ended up at a Day’s Inn that we pasted and then after finding nothing else, turned around to come back to.  Driving through the town was not my favorite thing, that is for sure.  Since we ate late, around 3 or just before that, we were not hungry, even when we pulled into the hotel into the 8pm hour.  So, this is what our options were for dinner tonight due to our lack of hungry.

Anyways, we now are watching some TV and handing out.  Who knows when we fall asleep and who knows what the next day will bring.  Peace!

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One response to “NJ to MN: Day 3

  1. Sr. Colleen Clair, FMA

    July 14, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Wow! It looks like you two are having such a great time and seeing so much… I am praying for safe journeys and for more fun for you both! Love and prayers!


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