NJ to MN: Day 2

12 Jul

Snaps for getting to sleep past eight!  We got up this morning around 8:20 to go down for the complimentary breakfast which of course was pretty good with the waffle maker.  No shower or anything before, just go and eat then wash up.  Really, who needs to look good in order to eat at the hotel breakfast buffet!?  Anyways, the waffles were good and the shower was refreshing.

The first thing we did was head from the hotel (in Lancaster more or less) to this town called Intercourse.  We stopped in this little village of shops within the town named Kitchen Kettle Village.  There are 42 shops, restaurants & lodging there.  It was pretty cool to walk around and we left with a couple things.  Our first purchase was that of some canned goods like jams, curds, peanut butter, and sauce for barbecuing.  They are yummy that is for sure!  Being that the bag was kind of heavy, we had to bring it back to the car so we could keep looking around!

We went to a bunch more random shops and a gallery.  The art was pretty cool.  There was a woodwork store that had furniture and other little nic-nacs that would be awesome to have if I had money, need for them, and a place to put them.  Mom wanted to look in the yarn store, which turned out not to be what she had expected.  One of the places we stopped by that was pretty cool was a quilt store.  I loved all the quilts there!  Of course, they a a ton of money considering they are all hand done, taking so much time to complete.  They were simply amazing.  We also went to a second shop that had quilts, but it also has a lot more than that too.  Mom found this ornament that she really liked and ended up getting while there.

When we were done at the shops there, we went off to go find Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy rides.  The ride we took was horse drawn wagon on a Farm Tour.  It was interesting to see an Amish Farm and learn some things about the people.  Our guide grew up Brethren but never was baptized in the church when it came time for that choice to be made.  The Mennonites broke off from the Brethren and the Amish broke off from the Mennonites.  Amish don’t use any electricity, but rather propane and other such fuels.  When we stopped at the farm, a boy and girl were selling their home-made cookies, lemonade, root-beer and other items on a small table.  After anyone who wanted to had made their purchases from the kids, we headed back to where we started.

Leaving there, Mom and I were both hungry.  We found another diner, DJ’s Diner.  It was a 50’s place and it had very good food.  The mozzarella sticks were definitely a hit to me.  Yum yum.  Diner’s are certainly fun to go to, especially because they are local.

After our late lunch, we headed off to our next location.  We watch a video about and took a tour of Ehprata Cloister in Lancaster.   It was a very interesting thing to learn about.  This guy from Germany spent time in half a dozen different religious groups.  In the end he headed up his own group of celibate people, as well as some householders.  To put in all the information would be a lot, but I will share with you some pictures.

All in all, that tour and the time to wander ourselves was cool.  There was some interesting information that was share.  I am glad that I have a brochure so I can remember what I learned and saw there.

When were done, we headed back to the hotel.  It was around 5pm when we got back.  Since we had ate a later lunch, neither of us was really hungry for anything.   Mom looked up somethings on the map and in her AAA books.  I laid down for a little because I was tired.  It was not until 7:30 that we headed out to eat.  Tonight we went chain restaurant and ate at Applebees.  Of course, we broke down and got the Triple Chocolate Meltdown after our meals.  It was really good, as always.

If you want to see more pictures and you happen to be friends with me on Facebook, I am adding them as we go and there are more than that which I show here.  Since mom has the better camera and such, they come from her.  Stay posted, we have yet to know where we will end the day tomorrow (aka Tuesday)!

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