NJ to MN: Day 1

11 Jul

Day One in my travels back home.  Leaving, as I just posted previously, was really hard to do.  Saying goodbye to those you have spent a lot of time with is not easy.  Anyways, we are on the road.  Mom showed up yesterday via plane and train then me picking her up via car.

Today I got up at 7:20am in order to say goodbye to some people who were leaving from this past week’s staff group.  Considering that I was up until 1:30am in the morning, it felt like there was not much sleep, therefore I was tired.  A bunch of people left around that time, then I was able to lay back down for some time.  The morning then was made of me packing things and my car, followed by eating some egg bake (yum! as always).  When that was done, the bike rack and bike had to be attached to my car.  That was an adventure for sure.  Finally though, it was attached thoroughly as I could get it to with the means that were given to me.  Next came saying goodbyes…the saying and hugging was easy, but the element of doing it was not.

Leaving the retreat center gave me this odd feeling that I am not sure I could define, but off we were none-the-less.  We got some gas and headed for Lancaster, PA.  Being the time it was when we got into town and the day it is, many “attractions” were closed.  It took some searching to find the location of our hotel, but once we found it we settled in and went to eat at a local diner.  Coming back from that, we got hooked to the internet and were looking around for things to do tomorrow.  Now, it is just surfing, posting, and talking to friends.  I have to keep in mind I need an outline of a talk done for a meeting on Sunday which means doing it as I go along, or at least getting it in my mind.  Scary!

Well, for tonight, that will be all.  Talk to you all tomorrow!

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