Feeling so Deeply this Adventure

20 Jun

It is going to be an adventure

Grand and sure

With God at my side

I can not hide

And it will be beautiful

And fill my soul

This is what I imagine next year will be like.  It is going to be a beautiful experience no matter what may come of my courage to follow the call.


One of the things I have truly come to be able to name in my life is that I am a person that feels so deeply.  This may appear as to be an odd statement, but it is true.  When I feel something I really feel it more amplified than most, or so it appears to be that way.  It seems to explain many things in my life, or at least help to explain.  As I move forward to entering with the Salesians in hopes of living in vowed religious life, this is something I must explore and learn about more.  I find this as a gift I have but if it is not watched it can be just the same something that causes self-destruction.  (I have jokingly determined I will die of spontaneous combustion via feeling too deeply)  Everything around me, the things I imagine, experiences had, music that I hear, the things I touch and feel, everything…It reaches my heart and soul; I feel it all so deeply inside of me.  It is not constant and always, but every the same in me.

Deep feelings fill my entire being

They are strong and powerful

Needing to be watched over

Cared for in the most special way

This gift given to me unique

Fills me with this longing desire

To know the world and its people

To feel its broken heart beating

Is it possible to feel more than I do

Will this gift bring me to far places

I desire to understand it all

All the places God is in the world

These deep feelings that fill me

Strong in my heart and soul

Give me the courage to keep going

Discovering where God wants me

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Posted by on June 20, 2010 in Creative Corner, Inner Reflection


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One response to “Feeling so Deeply this Adventure

  1. Tess

    June 20, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    God’s love in you, unhindered! Magnificent.


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