Short Poems on a Visit

14 Jun

While I was visiting the Salesian Sister’s this past weekend (just got home 30-40 minutes ago), I created three short poems at various times.  Thus, I am going to share them with you.  Stay tuned until next time to hear about the amazing packed filled weekend that I had!


Oh the woe in the world

Filled with shiny green

Passing by missing beauty

Love of God to you unseen

If but you were free

Love of the Lord surround

The failing world be gone

Only then to love be bound


Yet still there are tears

Even so among the joy

Where do they come from

These emotions of sort

Could it be a deep love

Or else being worn down

How do I turn to the Lord

In what way do I pray

Friends never near me

Distance tears the heart

But in God we find trust

So with the tears I live

I must lay it down now

Living for Jesus my mission

Breath and let things unfold


Love is many things

Hugs from a friend

The sun beaming down

A letter in the mail

Music reaching the soul

Receiving some good news

Tears falling down the face

A breeze blowing by

Laughter that carries far

Healing tough of a hand

Blessings received each day

Yes the list is countless

Just as stars in the sky

Where is your love

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