Pleasing to You

27 Apr

“May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

Each and everyday, this is what we should be aware of.  Is everything that comes out of your mouth pleasing to God?  Is everything you do pleasing to God?  Is everything in your heart pleasing to God?  These are questions I think about everyday, only at the end of the day when I realized where I went wrong.  It can get one real down on themselves.

This should not be how it is!  We need to be praying about our day the moment we wake in the morning.  The prayer should be for what we say and do, so that it all is pleasing to God.  Many times, we groan when the alarm goes off, drag our feet to the shower, eat breakfast, realize we are late, and run out the door.  All prayer needs is just a quick moment as we lay, waking up, in our bed.  That simple prayer you have in the morning has so much power to change your day and your outlook on the things that happen.

Each day as I wait for my letter, hopefully follow by waiting to enter, I try to remember where I am in the here and now.  Sometimes getting caught up too much in the stresses of now sends me completely astray and I am not saying and doing things pleasing to God.  Many times I think that the lack of prayer in my mornings sometimes, is what aids the straying from what God wants.  Dedication, that is so huge!

My train of thought (and there are many of them actually,  but one of them) is by getting myself to pray each morning, I will do more things pleasing to God; those things that I do that aren’t pleasing will slowly, but surely, drift away.  When it gets to the point that I God-willing enter formation, I want to be able to put at least most of the things that haunt me to rest.  Sure, it will never permanently leave, but it can be laid to rest.  Prayer and doing things pleasing to God is so important and vital, I can not stress more.  This is what our whole life should be for!

Sigh, oh the day when I can hopefully be so focused on just God and his will.  I just pray that I have it right and then take me in to be a part of them.  Ha, them being the Salesians of course.  Whatever is meant to be, will be.

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