One Amazing Night

13 Apr

Tonight at Power Hour (praise and worship night with a talk in the middle) was simply amazing.  I can not believe the confidence and calm that I ended with after the talk that I gave.  Sure, I stumbled a couple of times (especially with the hard things), but it was amazing!  The music was completely with my all night; I felt so present to everything.  When I talked, Elizabeth said an amazing prayer over me and it was grand.  I spoke straight from the heart, told the truth, made them laugh a little, and reached out the best that I could with the story that is mine.  After, I ran over to Elizabeth for the sign of peace, and hugged her about three times!   I was beaming.  I was dancing.  I am was talking amazing-ness of how I felt during the night.  I was telling people “this is it” because I could feel this great thing in me.  I don’t know what God has in store for me down the line, but where I am now and where He is sending me now is it, do that full heartedly.  Sure, I may not become a vowed sister, but I also might me.  God is Good!  He is out there in places we don’t even know or realize.  Will you find Him everyday in everything?  I will!  Peace!

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