Stage Fright

12 Apr

It is simply amazing how I really have a lot to share with people and can imagine the perfect talks, but when I get up to do them I completely freak out and lose everything that I wanted to say. 

Tonight, in about 4 hours, I will be standing (maybe sitting…) in front of a group (20 or 30 or 40 or 15 or who knows) of college people from the school I graduated from last year, to give a talk.  There is no particular theme that I need to stick to.  It is me getting up there and letting all out that I want to share and pray that it reaches to someone somewhere in the pews.  It is not a huge formal deal, but rather at Power Hour.  No, not drinking, a praise and worship club that meets on Mondays to life all up to the Lord. 

I know I have things to say, I have now talked them out with some people and know the base idea of what I want to say, but really, me standing in front of people, oy.  As the time gets closer, and despites my succeeding efforts to try to remain calm, my stomach is all in a twist, unsure of what is really to come.  How bad can it be?  I sang a song in front of everyone last year, and that was terrifying enough the way it was!

The plan is this.  I am going to start out telling people who I am, and what I graduated with, just in perspective, you know?  I was given the idea to start with most recent news, then go back to the beginning.  How far back is still up in the air.  The base theme is how God meets up where we are and will work in our lives how he wants, no matter how things are doing in our lives.  Even when we feel set up to fail, he is there.  There is also going ot be the reminder that we need to look past everything, even the usual go to mass, to see that God may appear in random location and times to us. 

I will give what I talked about in my next post, as if I say here, it is bound to change in the next four hours.  Pray…I need it! Peace!

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One response to “Stage Fright

  1. kkollwitz

    April 20, 2010 at 11:33 am

    An outline helps, even just a few subtopics listed in order on a notecard.


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