Days 4-6

01 Apr

Continuing on my family’s visit…

Tuesday I had to work all day, so that is what happened.  It was another windy and rainy day, so the family stayed in the house most the day.  For lunch, they came over and ate with the staff so everyone could meet everyone.  It was good I suppose.  After work, I headed over to the house.  Mom and I went back out to shop for a few more food items and something for dinner that night.  It was a soup and leftover (from the Lobster House) night; pretty well suited for the day it was.  We played some more cards that evening, starting with some cribbage with Bro. Tom, who came over for a while.  It was dad and Matthew against Bro. Tom and me.  We won 3-1, it was a good set of games.  When he left, the rest of us continued to play.

Wednesday, I had to work again.  I did get a few hours off so that Sister Colleen could come visit my family.  I was real nervous for it, but I guess it went well.  She came the the center first, where we talked a little and I finished a portion of my app.  The application, by the way, is all turned in except the physical (next week), the high school diploma (when dad finds it), and the references (when people send them in).  Pretty exciting, and yet this weird feeling I can not describe.  So, then we went over the house.  There was a conversation for a while, then we ate lunch.  After that, Sister Colleen left and I went back to work.  The family went into Cape May to be outside, as it was a very nice day for their last day.  When I was done with work, they had come back to the house, and then we went on the beach here at the point.  There were a large amount of shells that were collected, tons of Frisbee played, some pictures taken, and a beautiful sunset.  We spent about two hours outside and who knows how long they were out without me.  Dinner was steak on the grill, baked potatoes, green beans, applesauce, carrots, milk, and wine.  It was a wonderful meal followed by our last night of cards.  We ended the night earlier due to needing to be up in the morning to take care of things.

This morning they all left.  They finished most the cleaning at the house, the rest I will be going over to finish after the current retreat we are on (I will start posting on that tomorrow…).  Everyone came to the center to print boarding passes and to say good bye.  They left a little after ten and that is that.

It was nice to see them, but it is a teaser of not being able to see others that I would also like to see.  Eventually that time will come, sooner that thought I hope…haha, yeah right.  It is a while off, but one can dream, can’t they?

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