I Praise You – Psalm 139

20 Mar

This is the song “Psalm 139” by Danielle Rose.  The recording is her practicing during her recording in July of 2007.  This may not be a full flowing official recording, but it is what I was able to find.  It gives you an idea of what I will talk about.  Listen carefully and reflect.

This evening for a brief moment I was able to play this song and a few others by Danielle Rose.  When listening to “Psalm 139” by her first, I just started to dance around the room in whatever way I felt.  It was absolutely amazing! Her music really draws me in and I love it.

This is what sits in me, this urge to just go and do, as well as to be free to dance and go where is necessary to let out what needs to be let out.  Prayer, pain, joy, thanksgiving; whatever it may be that I need to release.  I love to dance and I am afraid I am not going to be able to pick it up and do it as I have always imagined my self doing it.  This is the passion and strength in me, a large part of me, dancing with joy at the amazing things within and around me.

Take a moment and find a good recording of this song and listen to it many times.  If I find one I will add it to the post of in a comment. Peace!

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Posted by on March 20, 2010 in Inner Reflection, Inspirational Music


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